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Made a Friend Today – Cinderella Style #pod

Went swimming at the beach. Walked up to the grassy area afterward to sun and relax. Pretty soon after, this little dude came to hang out with me.

New bird buddy

New bird buddy

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Cutting Cable Follow-up – 10 Months Later

It has been 10 months since I wrote about my plan to cut cable and get my entertainment needs from internet sources. How’s it going? It’s going.
For 9 months I did it flawlessly. The things I missed? HBO and being able to randomly flip channels… oh and the price is right on the off chance I was still home at 10am. However, I have cable again. Did I need it? No. My 12 month promotion on my internet service expired, raising the prices by more than double. The only way to reduce the price was to sign up for a new service plan that was $4 more but included basic (VERY BASIC) cable along with my internet plan. As it was financially the best choice I went with it.
I’m still using all the resources I described, but it is nice to just watch a random show or sports game on TV sometimes. My OTA antennae would cut out half the time so I didn’t get all the basic channels consistently before.
Even with basic cable, I am still mostly watching Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix.
Also, HBO Now is out this month, so I can get HBO also. YAY #GOT

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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I got toothpaste in my hair, and no idea how….

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Had a wonderful nightg last night. Met up with Ara and Nairi, we picked up Hovig and went to fry’s. Leo got excited about what we would be doing and scratched his plans of chillin at home and joined us. Then we stopped off for some late night food at Gordon Biersch.

mmm mmm good.

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Just finished watching daytime emmy’s, Bob Barker should win everything…

The showed a clip of Martha Stewart with like 15 chihuahua’s around her and a parrot on her shoulder. The clip faded into something esle and as it fades i turn to my mom and sis and say “I WANT A Pihuahua”.

I meant chihuahua, that parrot screwed me up…


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Going the Distance

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There are birds next to my house that wait until 1am to start chirping and then continue on through the night. I have heard them everynight since I moved home. Am i staying up late or do i just not sleep well?
Does it even matter?

In any case, who wants to kill the birds?

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Those Italian cops have it good. Don’t they?

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this article should have been entitled beware of stupidity not beware of flies…… *sigh*

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