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Tivo, why do you suck at life?

So, I’m happily outlining for finals…ok, maybe not happily, but I’m doing it, and I have my TV on. Watching things on my tivo… Next thing I know it goes silent. What? Why? I look up and the screen says “Welcome! Powering up…”

I think to myself “well thats strange, its never powered up by itself BEFORE”

A few minutes later the next screen says something to the effect of “Just a few more minutes…”

Ok, you’ve totally interrupted my viewing experience, thanks Tivo.

I look up 5 minutes later and it says “Installing an important sevice update”

Ok, fine, this sounds legitimate…

A few minutes later, I get this AWESOME message “Preparing the service update. This may take up to an hour, possibly longer”


WHAT?!?!?!?! Wait a second, I never asked to install anything, why are you ruining the rest of my night? Couldn’t you prompt me for this?

Next thing you’re going to tell me you had to reformat and you’ve lost all my season pass info and my recorded programs…. I guess in an hour or “possibly longer” we’ll find out.

:shakes fist at tivo:

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Writing, Reading, Amusing Ourselves

I spend a great deal of time reading blogs, forums, and news articles.  Sure, I only read the “offbeat” news and the tech news, but thats not the point.  The point is, I like to read things on the internet.  A little postsecret on mondays; gizmodo, lifehacker, and Yahoo News on and off all week; and now I’m taking a look at forums.  I admit, I used to read and troll the World of Warcraft Forums, but since I stopped playing over a year ago I haven’t really found a replacement.  Today I came across the Forums.

I can’t say if this will fill the void that losing the World of Warcraft forums has created, but I have to say, pretty good.  Tons of threads to read, pretty active.  All types of topics from TV shows to Religion to Humor.  Gives me plenty to browse and comment on while I’m waiting for a classmate to finish talking about their attenuated “what if” scenario.   Check it out, start contributing so I have more to read ;-).  Like I said earlier, there is a large variety of topics so it keeps all of us busy.  Not to mention you can flame all the posts you don’t like… Happy Trolling!
Oh, if you like postsecret, you should also take a look at The Experience Project (take a look at their confessions section).

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Finally Tivo… but there is nothing to watch

So I finally got a TiVo, and I’m really excited about it, except wait… oh yeah, there is NOTHING TO WATCH.  Thanks to the writers’ strike none of my favorite shows are on anymore.  I don’t even know what to set tivo to record.  Any idea? I’m looking for some TV inspiration here.

PS – Tivo is TOTALLY today’s timewaster.

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Time for a new look?

Though i don’t have the time now, at all, to do this… I think it would be fun to give the blog a new look.  Clean it up a bit.  Add a section on the side for most popular posts, things like that.  I use WordPress  and that would not be changing.  I am very happy with wordpress.  I should, however, upgrade the version of wordpress I am running and take advantage of the new features available on the new versions.

As for the new look, the dilemma is do i create my own new look? Do I get a blog designer?  Do i just use a preset template?

The best would likely be to edit a preset template to my liking.  Man I’m tired.  Time to go veg out and watch some tv.  I’m still shocked that Heath Ledger passed away today.

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Having Fun in Los Angeles

Like I said the other night, now that I have some freedom from law school I have a little time to have fun in LA.  Last weekend got a little busy, right after our last finals a few of us went out and saw The Strike Show, which was absolutely hilarious.  Lots of familiar faces like Brad Garrett, Emily Deschanel, Kat Foster, Nick Kroll, and Michael Urie.  It was a great show and we were lucky to be able to go see it since there were only two showings  (I don’t know what made me laugh harder, the saved by the bell scene, or ronna and beverly).  After that was over headed out for the usual drinks on the town.

Saturday night was pretty awesome too.  Headed out to Ketchup, on Sunset, with some friends.  Was my first time there though a few in the group were repeat offenders.  It was an interesting crowd, but the food was great.  Their tomato soup (called American Comfort on the menu) was really good.  As for the ketchups, personally I hate ketchup, but the ranch-ketchup and maple syrup-ketchup were both pretty amazing.  Then of course we rounded the night out with the usual…. drink on the town.

Now?  Oh now I recover from finals and try to become a normal human being again.  I wish my TV shows would come back on…


Christmas time means I need to figure out what gifts I want

December is finally here, meaning winter break and Christmas are near!  Didn’t mean to rhyme… When the holiday season rolls around (just after my birthday “season”) I start getting into my tech shopping mode.  Always looking to see if there are any new gadgets out that I want.  As usual I’m keeping my eye on Gizmodo to see if they post about anything that seems fun or interesting.  I do have my eye on some video games, but that’s not very exciting (wii-play, and a couple others).

I don’t need a new phone, don’t really want any other consoles (already have wii and Xbox360 [which is getting a new update]), and I love my laptop, so those are out of the picture.  Maybe a new Desktop PC or TV would be awesome.  I keep browsing those on and and I always get excited, but they are expensive.  For a few minutes I considered getting a new camera, but when i looked what is available in digital cameras, I really realized that nothing particularly looked very exciting (I admit this Canon eos 40d caught my eye, but my camera is great, no need for a new one yet).

I’m going to keep looking, but if you have any ideas of what you think I should be looking to get this Christmas, comment and let me know!

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Time Waster Tuesday – Joost

Almost my favorite day of the week… second only to “sleeping in saturday”

Today I want to get into a new service I discovered a few nights ago.  Joost.   Joost is a online service that lets you watch TV shows on-line for free!  I know, it sounds amazing.  They have hours on hours of professional (not user submitted) video.  All kinds of stuff from documentaries to sitcoms.  For those of us who want to watch something decent on a saturday night and don’t own premium cable or a tivo, this is really exciting.  The catch? It is invite only, you have to be invited by someone who is already a member.

Lucky for you I’m already a member.

Give it a try, so far its been a great way to waste some time on my PC.

Only drawback is, sometimes the quality is a little poor and variety isn’t too great, but they get new content all the time.  I can only see Joost improving.

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ABC received an amazing number of 2007 Emmy Nominations

The last 2 seasons, my favorite TV shows have been on ABC. Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal, Brothers and Sisters, Dancing with the Stars, Lost, and other ABC shows line my list of favorite things to watch. I have to say I was really pleased when i saw the 2007 Emmy nomination list for ABC. Check it out:
ABC News received 15 Emmy nominations, including:

7 for “World News with Charles Gibson,” 5 for Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross and the ABC News Investigative Team, 4 for “20/20,” three nominations for “Good Morning America,” and additional nominations for “Nightline” and Diane Sawyer’s “A Call to Action: Saving Our Children” special report.

“Outstanding” programming nominations for this year include:

  • Outstanding Comedy Series: Ugly Betty
  • Outstanding Drama Series: Boston Legal, Grey’s Anatomy
  • Outstanding Children’s Program: Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, That’s So Raven.
  • Outstanding Reality Program: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  • Outstanding Reality-Competition Program: The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars

Acting categories include nominations for:

  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: James Spader (Boston Legal)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Sally Field (Brothers & Sisters)
  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Tony Shaloub (Monk)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives), America Ferrera (Ugly Betty)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: William Shatner (Boston Legal), T.R. Knight (Grey’s Anatomy), Michael Emerson (Lost), Terry O’Quinn(Lost)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters), Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy), Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy), Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty)
  • Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series: Christian Clemenson (Boston Legal)
  • Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Kate Burton (Grey’s Anatomy), Elizabeth Reaser (Grey’s Anatomy)
  • Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series: Stanley Tucci (Monk)
  • Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series: Dixie Carter (Desperate Housewives), Laurie Metcalf (Desperate Housewives), Judith Light (Ugly Betty), Salma Hayek (Ugly Betty)

Hopefully they keep turning out great seasons of great shows giving me more to watch!!!

I can’t lie, I am slightly biased, I used to work for Disney.  ABC hold a special place in my heart.

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Boston in LA

Boston, from VH1’s I Love New York TV show, was partying at Q’s in West LA Friday May 25th.  I have to admit, he is much taller than I expected in person.

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Its the Sadness…

Its really sad how Law School infiltrates your entire life. There is no part of you left to yourself, everything is taken over by Law School. Your days are spent in class, your nights doing homework, your weekends outlining or trying to read ahead so you can watch TV during the week. All the time you do actually take off from doing homework you’re thinking about how guilty you feel for not doing more homework. You can’t even watch TV in peace, you try to do something that takes minimal thinking while you watch it. What is worst of all is that even your social life, the things you do when you go out, are Law School activities. Law school Bar Review, Law school formal, dinner with law school student org.

Who knew something could get such a strong hold of who you are.

Its Friday night and I feel guilty. Guilty for watching TV during the week, guilty for taking time to eat out, guilty for watching an Alias marathon, guilty for wasting time talking to people from my section, and guilty for having friends over (ok I feel really guilty for this last one).

Law School, why do you plague me so?

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