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Time Waster Tuesday – Use your common knowledge to make some money and challenge your friends.

A few months ago I came across a service called Predictify. In my quest to spend all day wasting my time in some sort of “productive” manner I have found yet another venue… The way the service works they have hundreds of questions or polls in a few categories (politics, sports, pop culture, etc) which you can answer. Once the correct answer or outcome is determined you receive your payout (depending on if you were correct and how early you made your prediction). Your answers also give you a ranking (apprentince, scholar, etc.) which determine your payout bonus levels. Not all the questions have payouts, but its fun to test how accurate you are regardless, and you can use free ones to bring up your ranking and payout bonus levels! In addition to these features you can post your own polls/questions for everyone else to answer (you can answer too).

Best part is, it is all free. Registration is free, predicting is free, posting questions is free. The only time you would need to pay is if you posted a question that had a payout.

When you start accumulating a payout, the minimum to pay your account is $20.

Good Luck! Get Predictifying!

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Kitten Cannon Update

Just a quick Kitten Cannon update:  My new record is 1464 ft.

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More games

First off, Happy St. Pattys Day! Bring on the green beer!

Ok, so this game may not be the most animal friendly, but think of it as a stuffed kitten, ok? My record is 587 ft. What is yours? Go play kitten cannon and let me know how much you beat me by.

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Timewaster Tuesday – My new addiction

Not that I have any time to waste at all these days…

I have a new addiction. It wastes time, and its free, how great is that? Those of you that used to play DOTA on warcraft will likely appreciate this a great deal. A friend of mine recently introduced me to this great game called Desktop Tower Defense. ” Desktop TD is a fun flash based puzzle / strategy game where you have to protect your desktop from invaders by spending money on attacking pieces and building a maze for them to follow.”

It is amazing, simple, and yet highly addictive. If you want to be productive today, I suggest you stay away from it. Be careful….

Oh and if a highly addictive flash game isn’t what you’re looking for, go ahead and check out these pictures of what celebrities would look like if they moved to Oklahoma.

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Finally Tivo… but there is nothing to watch

So I finally got a TiVo, and I’m really excited about it, except wait… oh yeah, there is NOTHING TO WATCH.  Thanks to the writers’ strike none of my favorite shows are on anymore.  I don’t even know what to set tivo to record.  Any idea? I’m looking for some TV inspiration here.

PS – Tivo is TOTALLY today’s timewaster.

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Time Waster Tuesday! – can you spot the fake smile.

Even though I have no time to waste these days, I realized that the rest of you might…

Was surfing the net the other night, while I should have been writing or reading (you know something productive), and a friend of mine linked me to this test, “Can you spot the fake smile.”  It was interesting, I took it.  I failed miserably.  13/20 correct.

It gets better!  There are other tests!  Here is the link to the main page with all the test.   Go learn about your personality, how you sense things, test your memory training, and figure out what style of work suits your personality.  Hours of fun I tell you.  This is almost as good as the time I discovered EMode, in like 1999.

Let me know how you guys do, especially on the how to spot a fake smile test.

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Best of Mofomon – So far…

The year is winding down… Just feels like a good time to recap the most popular Mofomon posts.

Here are the top 5 wildly popular posts (not including the blog homepage):

  1. Funny Things Said In Court
  2. Corporate Lessons
  3. Preschool Test That You Won’t Pass – Which way is the bus traveling?
  4. How Smart is Your Right Foot
  5. Tricks For Your Body

If you haven’t visited them all yet you should do it, everyone else did! Oh, and they enjoyed it too.

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Time Waster Tuesday – Playing games and getting free stuff

Now that I’m on break, figured I’d bring back at least a couple weeks of time waster tuesday (click the tag below if you want to see more).

Today’s time waster is more than awesome.  You get to play games to pass the time (like say in class, or waiting for a call to start at work..) and you win points for the games that you can redeem for awesome prizes like an xbox 360, zune, headphones, 360 games, or a roomba.  You can also donate to charities or schools using your points.

Where does this awesomeness happen? Live Search Club (by Microsoft).  I’m usually reluctant to try to get points to win something, but since this is run by Microsoft I know its legit, and I’m racing towards a roomba to clean up after me.

Here are a few sites about getting tickets/points:

Comment what prize you’re holding out for, you’re tips and tricks, and whether you’ve received anything yet!


Time Waster Tuesdays – dispelling rumors and urban legends.

Whoa, looks like I accidentally hit save instead publish on this post.  Sorry for the delay guys!

This weeks time waster is a way to dispell rumors, scams, things of that sort.  You know those “too amazing to be true” articles and forwarded emails that we get?  Well, here is a way to find out if they really are true!

Here is a great example of what I’m talking about.  A few days ago a friend of mind, zmann, sent me this forum post about a mule that kills a mountain lion.  Its a fantastic story, with pictures, I really wanted to believe it was true, but looked it up.  When I looked it up, this is what I found.  Apparently, the pictures are real but the story has been tweaked a bit.  Oh well, maybe next time it will be a real story.

Here is where you can go to look up the internet folklore you want to investigate:

Sorry to burst your urban legend bubbles.

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Time Waster Tuesday – 80’s Arcade games

Who’s up for a little gaming?

I work almost entirely on my PC and when I get to a tough problem or issue that I can’t work through at that exact moment… I like to take a quick game breather to sort things out in my head.  Lately, I’ve been playing these 80’s arcade games online to pass the time.  They are a great way to take a short breather or just waste a little time while your professor recounts the first 20 years of his life.

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