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Wii want to play

That’s right.  I have a Wii.

The awesomeness is immeasurable. Trust mii.

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Still no WM6 for Samsung Blackjack

There is a new thread in the Cingular/AT&T forums (under Samsung) about the WM6 upgrade, and on Halloween (10/31) WM6 was released for the 8525, BUT no WM6 for the faithful Blackjack users.  I have posted about this numerous times before (click on the category “blackjack”) and how I have been patiently waiting for Windows Mobile 6 to be released for us, but its not happening.  Will the Blackjack 2 hit the market before out WM6 upgrade is released?

Maybe we should take comfort in the fact that it was released for one phone yesterday and thus AT&T must be making progress.

I’m anxiously awaiting our upgrade release.  Hopefully it will come soon.

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Christmas is three weeks away….

And I want the BurgerKing Xbox games as my gift.  You know…these ones.

Yes, thats what I want.


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PS3 game prices…

Turns out PS3 games are really $60, not the $100 it was rumored before.

You can celebrate. I’m going to play my xbox360.

Check out the Sony Site for the Games.

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October has arrived.

It is October 1st.  This is usually when it really hits me that we are in Fall.  Granted I live in an area with 2 seasons not 4, but still.  October only means 2 things to me, Fall and Halloween.  I’m not a big fan of fall so let’s focus on Halloween.

Here is a really cute Halloween bowling game that will help you procrastinate as much as I do.  You bowl pumpkins at cats, awesome.  Enjoy!

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Xbox 360 warranties extended.

Microsoft has extended the waranties on xbox 360‘s manufactured before
January 1, 2006 to a full year. The company stated that there was a high number of these xbox’s which were displaying the 3 red lights of death and so to compensate they have created this new policy. Also from my understanding, all those who had xbox’s repaired that were manufactured before January 1, 2006 will be receiving refund checks. Call 1-800-4my-xbox if you want more details, those who have already called have verified that their warranties are extended. Read more on the xbox forums, and on Gizmodo.
This is great news after learning about Sony’s price gouging plan for PS3 Games.

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PS3 games to cost $100!

It has been learned from the Tokyo Game Show that some PS3 games will cost $100!! Apparently some games will retail for $75-$85 but they will range up to $100. The 200% cost spike is said to be due to higher development costs.

Personally I think its absurd. How is a 12 year old going to get his hands on 3-4 games if they are $100 each?

More info via IGN.




All Day Long.
Man am i exhausted, but that was cool.
Yeah I took pics. Yeah I saw the Lara Croft Model. Yeah I saw the G4 crew. Yeah I got swag.


Oh but some guy at the Lara Croft signing booth did promise me a copy of the game guide (since I wanted a guide, not a signature by the model). He lied, he disappeared and left no game guide in sight. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

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Virtual Magic Kingdom

Check out the Virtual Magic Kingdom

 Its a game…

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pauldrons of might…..FTW

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