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Looking to game on your Windows phone?

For those of you who have Windows based phones, check out this game:


The game play is conceptually similar to angry birds in that it’s a gravity-based puzzle-game. This current version is free to play and free to download, and you will see absolutely no ads.

Word is there will be releasing a second version with downloadable content allowing users the ability to edit and share levels they create and can directly download their levels into the game (or download other user creations). The website where users will be able to do this is I believe the level designer is live now!
Look out for several new game-play elements adding a layer of depth to gameplay that would make this game a true-puzzler such as worm-holes and resource management.

Don’t believe me about needing to have this game? Gizmodo called it an App Everyone Should Have.

Iphone users feeling a bit jealous? Don’t worry. They are currently working with an iPhone development company to port it over the iPhone which we expect we will have done soon!

Play on!

Playing SataLaunch

Playing SataLaunch

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Donkey Kong Country Returns!

I’ve been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii for a few days now and I just need to say that these multi-player co-op side scrolling games are my favorites. Between this and the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game, I’m totally set.

I enjoy the 3d games too but there is just something about the side scrollers that I love. The added multi-player capabilities just make it that much better since I can play with friends and we can help each other get through the game.

<3 Wii

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Internet Shopping

I pretty much love shopping on the internet. Buying things I know I want/need without having to take the extra time to run to the store? Bonus win.
I shop on all kinds of websites, on-line only stores, stores I go to often which also have on-line stores, ebay, amazon… the list goes on. Sometimes, though, I need to use some kind of aggregator that can pull from multiple shopping sites and help me find what I need. Google shopping is a good one, but I recently found which works pretty well. ShopWiki is a guide designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. They have buying guides that can help you decide the best products to buy in the category you are looking for and where to buy them. ShopWiki basically crawls other online stores to provide you with a wide range of results to look through.
For example, if you were looking to do some Home Improvement (something I don’t know a ton about and would need a buying guide for), you could start on their Workshop and Home Improvement page and from there move into the related guides like Tools and Hardware, Circular Saws, Miter Saws, Power Drills, Hand Tools, and Workshop accessories.
Or, more likely in my case, I want to figure out what new games to buy for my video game consoles so I would start in the Video Games section and then move on to the Game Guide. Maybe the newest Call of Duty is in my future…

Anyway, check it out. Happy Shopping.

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How can this be?

I was signing up for the play station network earlier today and the username “mofomon” was taken.

who took it?
how can this be?

Oh well, I had a backup! 😉

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Mario Bros Wii

I just spent the last hour yelling at my TV while playing one of the world 3 levels of Mario Bros Wii. So great yet so frustrating at times.

Speaking of Mario, check out this Mario Game Family Tree

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Yoga easier to learn on Wii Balance Board for Beginners

About two years ago I started attending Yoga classes.  It was a very small class so I got a lot of personal attention from the instructor but I just could not get the hang of it.  The positions didn’t feel right even though it looked like I had proper form, I couldn’t hold the positions, it was pretty much a twice-a-week disaster.

Recently, I bought the Wii Fit.  I was messing around on it and thought I’d give this yoga thing a try.  Wow! What a difference.   Basically the way it works is you mimic the “trainer”and follow his/her moves, but what makes it different from in person lessons is the center of balance guidance.  When you use the wii balance board in conjunction with the wii fit to practice yoga positions, not only do you have an example of how to stand and hold positions, but you can also see where your center of balance should be.  The balance information totally changed the yoga experience for me.  Now I totally understand how I should be holding myself when I am in the positions!!

Anyone who is a beginner having trouble with yoga should take a shot at it using the Wii Fit.  Its amazing.

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I Beat Mario Galaxy!

This was a total team effort between my sister and I.  I played mario, she collected the star bits, made me jump higher, and froe the bad guys…  We beat a few stars per sitting and without even realizing it was over.  The game was AMAZING, and if you can’t beat one level (I couldn’t beat one honeycomb level) don’t worry, you don’t need ot beat each an every one.  Consider Mario Galaxy this months timewaster.  🙂

Get a Wii, play Mario Galaxy.  It really is amazing.

…and if you get stuck, follow a walkthrough guide.

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4969 – not a great score, but I FINALLY BEAT IT.  I have been playing this game since I wrote about it over a month ago in a time waster tuesday post… and finally a win.

 Check out the scoreboard

Feel free to add your scores to MofomonGroup as well!

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Kitten Cannon Update

Just a quick Kitten Cannon update:  My new record is 1464 ft.

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More games

First off, Happy St. Pattys Day! Bring on the green beer!

Ok, so this game may not be the most animal friendly, but think of it as a stuffed kitten, ok? My record is 587 ft. What is yours? Go play kitten cannon and let me know how much you beat me by.

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