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Looking to game on your Windows phone?

For those of you who have Windows based phones, check out this game:


The game play is conceptually similar to angry birds in that it’s a gravity-based puzzle-game. This current version is free to play and free to download, and you will see absolutely no ads.

Word is there will be releasing a second version with downloadable content allowing users the ability to edit and share levels they create and can directly download their levels into the game (or download other user creations). The website where users will be able to do this is I believe the level designer is live now!
Look out for several new game-play elements adding a layer of depth to gameplay that would make this game a true-puzzler such as worm-holes and resource management.

Don’t believe me about needing to have this game? Gizmodo called it an App Everyone Should Have.

Iphone users feeling a bit jealous? Don’t worry. They are currently working with an iPhone development company to port it over the iPhone which we expect we will have done soon!

Play on!

Playing SataLaunch

Playing SataLaunch

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I want a tablet

So, last week I got it in my head that I want a tablet. Why? I don’t know. What will I do with it? I don’t know. Ever since I decided this I’ve been trying to figure out what to buy. Do I get the Motorola Xoom
? Do I get the Ipad? Wait Ipad 1 or Ipad 2? Do I wait for more Android 3 tablets to come out? Should I look at a Kindle
So far my choices are expensive ones, the Xoom and Ipad don’t run cheap. I just sat down and tried to figure out what it is that I exactly need on my tablet device. You know what it boiled down to? Can I play Angry Birds. Yeah, seriously. That’s my only qualification. Based on that, I think an Ipod touch is in my future. It has wifi. I can play music. I can take pictures. Best of all, I CAN PLAY ANGRY BIRDS.

Sound logic right? Maybe I should take a day or two to think about this before I go out and get my ipod touch? hmmm.

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Yay for my new pocket knife

So I posted a while back that I had “lost” my trusty pocket knife and wanted a new one. I just want to thank Armen V. for making that happen.

It is on my key chain and making me happy.

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Blackberry themes

For those of you looking for themes for your blackberry, check out the crackberry site. I haven’t found a great one for the torch yet, so if you see anything awesome, give me a heads up.

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Blackberry OS 6

I’ve had the chance to play with the new Blackberry OS 6. I have to say, I’m a fan. I’ve found a few minor annoyances. A little slowing here and there. No available theme options (so I can’t get my calendar listed on my wallpaper), but I think this is going to change when the new theme builder is released.

For those of you buying phones with OS 6 or upgrading your current phone to OS 6, check out this area of the Blackberry website for all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts you can use with your device.
Here is the listing for the Blackberry Torch.

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How To Help

Because of my background in computers and IT, I get asked a lot of “How do I…” questions regarding people’s PC’s. I’ve found one website in particular helpful with respect to these questions:

For the things I can’t remember off the top of my head or for the how to’s that are easier explained with visual aids, I search for the issue on this website and almost always find the answer. If you find yourself answering others’ How To PC questions all the time, or have those questions yourself, you should check it out.

For example, today I showed a coworker how to set the default Word 2007 save file type to .doc (instead of the original default which was .docx).

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Saving your smartphone’s battery life

Came across this great article that discusses tips and tricks to save battery power on your smartphone. It has general tips and then tips broken down by phone type / OS type. Some of the tips include turning off extra services when you aren’t using them (like GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G), tweaking your back-light to be slightly dimmer or turn off quicker, and some apps that will put your phone into a deeper “sleep” mode or turn off signal searching when you’re in an area with no signal.

Check it out – Saving your smartphone’s battery life (via lifehacker)

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Backing up your computer

Recently I was upgrading my computer and when restarting it took longer than usual I had a short panic attack that I may have corrupted my hard drive and lost everything on it (you know photos, papers, that nasty email I saved from my ex-bff…).  What was worse is that I realized that I hadn’t backed up my data in over 2 years!  My computer ended up booting up just fine but this quick scare was enough to get me to look into the best ways to back up my data.  Here is what I’ve found:

  • There are two types of backups, File backups (backing up folders and files) and Full image backups (backs up your entire computer’s “image” meaning you can restore your computer exactly to the way it is now, settings and all).
  • You can use the built-in windows backup utility for this (here is another guide for that)
  • You can also use various software suites to do your backups (like syncback) and here are a few guides for that: guide 1, backup software guide 2

You can store your backups on DVD’s or an external hard drive.  I will be doing a little of each.

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TV rocks my world, how to get it to rock yours too

Inbetween work, school, working out, and spending time with friends/family I use my TV to its fullest extent.  If you don’t think having a TV is all that great, it just means you aren’t doing things right… Here is what you should be doing.

  1.  Video Games – Thats right, use your TV for video games, even if you are an adult.  Games are a great way to unwind.  Personally I like the Wii for casual gaming, but the xbox 360 for more involved games and first person shooters.  If you get the Wii…. must get Mario Galaxy, and then the wii fit (see my post about it here).  This even doubles as your exercise, meaning less time at the gym, more time with your TV.
  2. Tivo! – You must get a Tivo!  Tivo means you go to work and school and your shows effortlessly are recorded so when you DO have freetime you can watch exactly what you want, instead of that awful rerun of Mama’s Family.  [Obviously you need cable or satellite to take full advantage of this] [Also, here is a link where you can save up $350 on your Tivo purchase]
  3. NetFlix – Tivo is great, and you get to watch a lot of what you want, but seasons 1-6 of Alias won’t be on, in order.  Get Netflix, setup your queue, watch the dvd’s as they come and enjoy life.  It is cheap and totally worth it.  Worth all $5 a month.

Then again, if you don’t have a TV, just go to and watch some free tv!

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Yoga easier to learn on Wii Balance Board for Beginners

About two years ago I started attending Yoga classes.  It was a very small class so I got a lot of personal attention from the instructor but I just could not get the hang of it.  The positions didn’t feel right even though it looked like I had proper form, I couldn’t hold the positions, it was pretty much a twice-a-week disaster.

Recently, I bought the Wii Fit.  I was messing around on it and thought I’d give this yoga thing a try.  Wow! What a difference.   Basically the way it works is you mimic the “trainer”and follow his/her moves, but what makes it different from in person lessons is the center of balance guidance.  When you use the wii balance board in conjunction with the wii fit to practice yoga positions, not only do you have an example of how to stand and hold positions, but you can also see where your center of balance should be.  The balance information totally changed the yoga experience for me.  Now I totally understand how I should be holding myself when I am in the positions!!

Anyone who is a beginner having trouble with yoga should take a shot at it using the Wii Fit.  Its amazing.

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