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Upgrading WordPress

When I first started hosting my own blog I was a little weary about upgrading WordPress.   I wasn’t sure why I should be doing it and manually upgrading it was just a pain.  I was worried that I’d accidentally miscopy files, or delete files, and screw up my entire infrastructure.  Now, I know upgrading is vital…

  • Why?  Security Patches! As hackers find security holes, wordpress releases patches to close these vulnerabilities.  The last thing you want is a hacker taking over your website causing you to lose control, goodwill, and advertisers.  Secondly, wordpress is also releasing new features to make your life easier…  Who doesn’t want to make their life easier?
  • How?  WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin!  This plugin allows for one click easy upgrading of your wordpress engine.  With this you pretty much have o excuse to not upgrade, it even provides options to backup parts of your blog in case something goes wrong.  Just as a quick note, I usually disable the plugin when I’m not actively upgrading (no need to have it running). 

Happy Upgrading.

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How to stop annoying Vista UAC pop-ups

I wrote about this a long time ago, when Vista was first being sold pre-installed on computers, but most users still did not have the pleasure of using it. In all I have nothing against Vista. At first I thought it was awful. I thought it was totally lame having stupid pop-ups asking for my permission every time I tried to run a program.

Once I disabled the annoying UAC pop-ups, Vista really became an enjoyable robust OS. If you are using Vista and are so far unhappy, I highly suggest you follow my instructions here to turn off UAC and you may feel differently.

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Check if your wordpress has been hacked

I am not the quickest on updating my wordpress usually.  It takes me a week or two, between law school and work its a little hard to dedicate the time to upgrading when I am terrified I am break something.  In the meantime, while I am lagging behind updates, its important to make sure that hackers have not been exploiting security holes patched by the next upgrade.  The best way I’ve found to monitor this is by using a great simple plugin called “wordpress exploit scanner.”  You can get it here, just put it into your plugins folder, go to plugins off your dashboard, and run it.  Just a quick note, it will pick up the names of exploits in the plugin file when you run it, so don’t get scared when things come up, just follow the file path and see if its from the plugin, or your blog.

Good luck, hope your blog is safe.

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Two of my favorite free utilities

I usually take my breaks from work and school as a good time to run maintenance on my PC’s.  I don’t have time during the year to get to it, so I try to get everything done at once when I do have time.

My favorite utilities are CCleaner and Defraggler.  Both are freeware, clean – no viruses, spam, nothing.  They are both made by the same company and both provide the same excellent results.

CCleaner cleans out all the “junk” files on your PC – this would include temp files, and things of that nature.  I modify the settings not to dump my Firefox cache or history since I like having everything filled in for me.  It is really easy to use and great to clean up a few hundred MB’s.  You can also use it to turn off things that run and startup, uninstall programs, and clean up your registry – all of which will optimize your machine.

Defraggler is a fast efficient Defragmenting program.  It basically reorganizes your harddrive so that the files are not stored in a fragmented way.  This makes your machine run smoother and faster since programs can access files without jumping around on your drive.  I generally run this after I run CCleaner.

Let me know if you know of any other good optimization utilities!  I used to use TuneUp Utilities, but I just don’t have the budget to pay for optimization software anymore… especially when there is great free software out there.

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