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MS MR and Jack Garratt – Wiltern Concert – #pod

Caught the MS MR concert at the Wiltern on October 27, 2015 with their opener Jack Garratt.
It was a great show and I had an awesome time photographing both sets. Here are a few shots from the show.

Jack Garratt Collage



Also, see some more photos and a review of Jack Garratt’s set zbored – Jack Garratt >> The One-Man Band in Los Angeles [The Wiltern]

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Woo Hoo

Well I might just consider this
If you don’t let me down
If you can keep me happy
Well you can stick around
Now I don’t care for sycofants
They drive me round the bend
But if you can’t control yourself
Then let’s just keep good friends

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A little more time… please.

I love music. Sitting around and listening to music late at night has to be one of my favorite things to do. Easily.

When I was in high school and in college, I had plenty of extra time to listen to tons of music, find what i liked, find other music like what i liked and just really put together a good collection of things I wanted to and enjoyed listening to. Now, not only do I not have the time to sit around and listen to the music that I enjoy, but even when I find that time, I don’t have the music I want to listen to… because I haven’t had the time to find the new things that I enjoy hearing.

Sure the old music I have is great and wonderful, but I tend to feel that the music we like or identify with grows with who we are. I’ll listen to the old stuff and really enjoy it, but I find myself not connecting with it the way I did when I found it, when I identified with it, I guess. I need some time… to let my music collection grow and catch up to where I am now.

Can I get a little more time… Please?

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Do you like it well done cause I do it well

I know i trash talked Timabaland’s new album earlier, but I have to mention that there is an exception. Carry out, a song where Timabland collaborated with Justin Timberlake, is actually pretty catchy and clever. I’m enjoying it… I like it well done and they did it well.

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Will we hear new music from Garbage?

Earlier today, or very late last night, Garbage lead singe, Shirley Manson, posted a note on her facebook which ended with:
“Guess who I just spent a week in the studio with?
Would you be pleased if I said one of them was called Steve and one of them was called Duke and another was a grammy winning producer?”

Does this mean we should expect new music from Garbage? Is their hiatus finally over?

Not too long ago, the studio Garbage recorded most of their music in (Smart studios owned by band member Butch Vig) announced it was officially closing so I figured that would be the end of Garbage… I’m glad to hear they are back to recording regardless of whether their “home studio” is closed or not.

On a side note, I live in the same area as Shirley Manson and have failed to run into her. Can someone make this happen already? Seriously.

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unshock value

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone.

While working today I gave Timbaland’s newer album “Shock Value II” a listen. I’m not really happy with it. I was a fan of the original Shock Value but didn’t find any of the songs on Shock Value II very impressive. Nothing that had me humming along or hitting replay…

Oh well. Was nice while it lasted Timbaland.

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if you’re wondering if I want you to, I want you to…

This one is stuck in my head too… Weezer’s I want you to.


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I just want to save you while there’s still something left to save…

Rise Against’s Savior has been stuck in my head for DAYS.

Give it a listen

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