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Horrible Bosses

I saw Horrible Bosses tonight. After hearing how funny it was from my friends, I was worried I would be disappointed. Not the case. It was hilarious. The jokes were funny and the terrible bosses made me laugh about one of my own ex-bosses.

It was worth the watch, check it out.

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Saw the Expendables last night, not a terrific movie, but it was entertaining… lots of explosions and fake blood. Not bad if you’re looking for an action movie. B-

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Leap Year

Watched Leap Year last night. B+

It was cute and funny… but I felt like the attraction between the couple that wins out should have been developed more.

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Watched Nine tonight. It was terrible. The sequence during the ending credits covered everything you needed to know and was much much better than the movie. Save yourself the trouble and don’t watch it… but if you must, just skip to the sequence during the credits.

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Iron Man 2

Blogging. What we did when tweeting wasn’t cool.

Saw Iron Man 2. I liked it, it was fun to watch, but Iron Man 1 was better. More coherent, better storyline, better hero triumph.

See both anyway. Ya Rly.

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There may be a small chance that I have some sort of a crush on Alvin… of the chipmunks.

Saw the squeakquel, reminded me of when I used to watch the cartoons all the time as a kid.

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Movie Monday

Saw a few movies recently: Slumdog Millionaire, Old Dogs, Sherlock Holmes, and Made of Honor.

Slumdog Millionaire – I enjoyed watching it, but it wasn’t the “MOST AMAZING MOVIE EVERRRRR” like everyone was telling me. It was fine, it was enjoyable, but I’m not watching it again.

Old Dogs – A pretty decent family movie with lots of silliness. Kept me amused.

Sherlock Holmes – I thought this was great. Mystery, light action, some romance… See it.

Made of Honor – A good romantic comedy. Watch it on TV like I did…

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Movie Reviews: Bee Movie, Hairspray, Incredible Hulk

I had the chance recently to catch up on some movie watching and here is what I thought of these movies.

Bee Movie – D+.  The dialogue was ok but I hated the story line.  Never Again.

Hairspray – A-.  I usually hate musical-movies but found this one to be very entertaining and engaging.  It was a fun movie!

The Incredible Hulk – B-.  It was OK.  Decent action, but I just can’t believe that Edward Norton is the hulk.  Hulk Smash.

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Go Speed Racer Go

Saw the Speed Racer Movie last night, thought it was pretty good.  You should watch it when you get the chance…

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DO NOT watch Crank High Voltage

Seriously… DO NOT watch Crank High Voltage.

It was awful.  Sure, some of the “artsy” crowd will say “it was great, what are you talking about?” because they seem to attribute the lack of a story line, awful camera angles, trashy humor, and awful cut scenes to “artistic flavor,” but just trust me when I say it was bad.

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