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Times are tough, so let’s make money!

Times are tough right now, so why not make some money where we can. Here are some of the programs I use, how they work, and what you can make…

  1. Gomez Peer:  The Gomez Peer is a Java-based application that runs in the background of your PC, with a little application window that you can have open on your desktop.  It uses a peer-to-peer system to utilize unused PC power for various projects, and you get paid for every minute you contribute.  It’s secure and I have had no issues with it and you can set how much you want your machine utlizied.  It has a low payout of just $5 (meaning you get paid everytime you accumulate $5).  You can expect to make about $5 a month just running one PC and you can add as many PC’s as you want to your account.  Also you can refer other users and make a small % from what they make.  $5 a month doesn’t sound like much, but you get it for doing absolutely nothing, and it covers that unlimited texting plan you just bought…
  2. ING Direct:  Open a savings or checking account with them and start earning interest.  Rates aren’t amazingly high right now, but why not get a few extra dollars a month just for putting your money here?  You can transfer your money out as much as you want so no worries about it being tied up like in a CD.  Better yet, contact me for a referral email and when you open an account with an initial deposit of $250 you will automatically get $25 (and I get $10!).  Personally, I enjoy getting money via interest… I bet you will as well…
  3. Predictify:  Predictify is a website where registered users “predict” (read: guess) the answers to questions and get paid out based on their accuracy.  How much you make is based on how good you are, but it is easy to make hundreds if you’re paying attention.  Let me invite/refer you and I get a 10% bonus (same for you when you invite your friends).  At the least, you can have some fun answering the questions that interest you.
  4.  This is a website that provides games you can play against other users for money.  How much you win depends on your skill, but it’s fairly easy to make money quick and they offer options such as filling out surveys to get cash.  It’s free to join but you need an invitation.  I have some left, you can use them if you follow the link here.
  5. Text Link Ads:  Requires website/blog: This site allows website and blog owners to sell text ads.  The program is different from adsense primarily because you host the same text ads for the time period they have purchased and you are paid a $ amount per month just for displaying it, not pay per click.  Also, the payout system is great since they will pay you whatever amount you make each month (like 6+ dollars a month per ad).
  6. Review Me:  Requires website/blog:  Get paid for reviewing websites in your area.  You can either be contacted to review sites for a price that you set, or you can review websites that have open campaigns for $5-$15.  Payout levels are not too high so they are easily attainable.
  7. Problogger Job Boards:  Are you an able blogger?  Someone who is a good writer and wants to take a crack at it?  Problogger has a great job board for blog writers.  Take a look, there is a likely something that is a good fit for you.
  8. Google Adsense:  Requires website/blog:  Google’s contextual pay per click advertising program.  Throw an ad up on your site and wait for clicks to make money.  Unfortunately the payout is high, $100.  Some tips I have for you from my experience – video ads pay better than text, clicks in the mornings pay more than at night (because of billing cycles).
  9. Amazon Associates:  Requires website/blog:  Become an Amazon associate and make a % for all sales made through links you provide.  You can even have your own amazon storefront.  Depends on the products you link to and the amount you sell, the dollars can add up quickly!  It is worth a shot if you have a website or blog that talks about products often.
  10. Do legit work from home – Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Program:    Here, companies post tasks that machines cannot easily do, but that are relatively simple for humans. You choose the assignments you want, and, on completion, are credited with payment to your Amazon account. Payout is pretty low – $10.
  11. Sell the stuff you don’t use on Craigslist or Ebay:  you know how this works.  List what you want to sell on craiglist/ebay… sell it.

Good Luck!


A bit of housecleaning… or website homepage cleaning…

Made a few changes to the homepage of the website.  Changed the archive list in my sidebar to be by year rather than by month, to shorten the laundry list of items on the side.  If you would like to make yours by year as well, change the code in your sidebar to read:

<?php wp_get_archives(‘type=yearly’); ?>

I also added a new page – Monthly Archives.  Used the manage feature to make a new page and then used the phpexec plugin to copy this code onto the page to list the archives monthly:

<?php wp_get_archives(‘type=monthly’); ?>

Next I copied the link to my Monthly Archives page and added it under my yearly archive list, in case someone looking in the sidebar under Archives would like to see the monthly list instead of yearly.

Next, I got rid of my ShoppingAds ad box in my sidebar.  It was making money but just a little too bulky for my current theme/layout.  If you are looking to make a little extra money you should check it out, sadly its just not for me right now.  I may add it back when I redo the look of the site.

Last but not least I added a new section in the sidebar –  Where I get great deals!  There are three links there now, go check them out.  This area will grow over time!

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New Blog Money Making Opportunity – BlogRolled

A new program just launched for blog advertising called BlogRolled.  I signed up and got my blog accepted this morning, we’ll see what kind of income flow it ends up having.

One catch, no affiliate program… Yet.

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Making Money With Your Website

This is the beginning of a multi-part post about making money with your website or blog.

First off, you should probably have a website or blog to monetize (check out some of my earlier posts that can help you get started:  Create an Icon / Favicon for your websiteDiscount on Hosting; Simple Guide to Website Promotion; Optimizing For Search Engines; 5 Ways to increase Blog Traffic; Blogging Guide Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

In addition to the tips and instructions regarding SEO and Promotion above I’m going to each day outline 1 income source of mine.

Today:  ShoppingAds 

How does it work?  You display a small ad (you have choices as to the size and display style).  This ad will show ebay ads (pick keywords and it shows ads tailored to those words).

How do you make money?  As users click on the ebay item ads, and purchase them, you get paid a % of the purchase price.

Does it actually make money?  Yes.  There have been days where I have made $13 just on one click/purchase.

Try it out!

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Time Waster Tuesday – Use your common knowledge to make some money and challenge your friends.

A few months ago I came across a service called Predictify. In my quest to spend all day wasting my time in some sort of “productive” manner I have found yet another venue… The way the service works they have hundreds of questions or polls in a few categories (politics, sports, pop culture, etc) which you can answer. Once the correct answer or outcome is determined you receive your payout (depending on if you were correct and how early you made your prediction). Your answers also give you a ranking (apprentince, scholar, etc.) which determine your payout bonus levels. Not all the questions have payouts, but its fun to test how accurate you are regardless, and you can use free ones to bring up your ranking and payout bonus levels! In addition to these features you can post your own polls/questions for everyone else to answer (you can answer too).

Best part is, it is all free. Registration is free, predicting is free, posting questions is free. The only time you would need to pay is if you posted a question that had a payout.

When you start accumulating a payout, the minimum to pay your account is $20.

Good Luck! Get Predictifying!

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In a real estate economics book:

“Timeshares are NOT to be regarded as sound investments”

How many times do we have to explain this to you people?

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Reducing Traffic and Increasing Gas Efficiency

Reducing Traffic and Increasing Gas Efficiency

I was reading up on cities and problems within them and here’s my summary concerning the above.

Large urban areas are plagued with gridlock, especially cities with sprawling suburbs. Most residents feel the solution to the traffic issues would be expanding the freeway system. Even though this sounds good it would be costly, take a long time to complete, and would persuade street users to switch to the “new” freeways. Cities are trying to change resident lifestyle habits rather than building or improving all the freeways. Here are the things we could all do (and cities want us to do) to reduce traffic and increase our gas efficiency.

1. Work close to home or move closer to work.
With more residents moving to suburbs and suburbs expanding further and further out from the cities core people are commuting further to work. This means people are staying on the roads longer. This not only puts a dent in your wallet because of gasoline and car maintenance, but also means that you are spending more time on already congested freeways. Working closer to where you live means using less fuel and remaining on congested freeways for shorter periods of time.

2. Carpool.
We all know how this works. Your drive with other commuters put less cars on congested roads and using less gasoline.

3. Drive during off-peak times.
Another strategy that cities would like residents to use is to travel to and from work (or other places) at off peak times. This means that even though we have the same amount of traffic it is spread out during a longer period of time making it less congested. Not only does this make everyone’s commute shorter but if you drive at an off-peak time you probably will be in your car for a shorter amount of time and in smoother traffic, which will conserve gasoline.

4. Have commercial deliveries completed during off-peak times.
Same idea as #3 but about deliveries. Deliveries usually interrupt the flow of traffic and keeping these out of peak hours would improve the flow of traffic during those times.

5. Drive fuel efficient vehicles.
This doesn’t improve traffic, but when you are going to purchase your next vehicle try to get one that is somewhat fuel efficient. This will help our gasoline consumption

Other things you can do or help your city do:
-walk to close locations (your friends house down the street, lunch at work)
-ask your city to have unnecessary stop signs removed.
-ask your city to optimize its traffic lights to keep the flow of traffic moving during peak hours.
-Try to work from home or telecommute on some days.

For more about Fuel Efficiency you can check out

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“If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars.”
– J. Paul Getty

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i am Project Manager. hah.

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