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Happy Birthday Tanya

Happy Birthday Tanya.


He buys me chocolates, could I ask for anything better?

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Thank goodness for Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice makes me happy. i am drinking jamba juice.
class makes me sad. i am in class.


on a side note: shir, next time youre planning on coming over, call me.
Pamela, using a landline is not complicated, you are a genius i thin you can learn how a land line works. if it starts with our area code, dont dial the area code. if its not our area code dial 1+area code+ the number.


i’m diving head first into 3 weeks of pain. Jamba juice, make me happy!

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i REALLY wanted a banana yesterday, and i mean REALLY. So i went to the market and bought some, and the banana craving was taken care of.

Today i REALLY want chocolate. Specifically See’s chocolate. Specifically the see’s Bordeaux bar. Even more specifically, THIS, THIS IS WHAT I WANT!

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