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My mom lets me.

So I was looking through my old yearbooks and the things people wrote on the “autograph” pages and in 4th grade I find this:

“Dear monica,

I hope i can come to your house over summer vacation. if it is ok with your mom, i can come, because my mom lets me come to your house! if i don’t, have a great summer!

Love michelle”

…and then in 5th grade

“Dear monica,

Hope you have the best summer you have ever had in your whole entire life.  I am going to come to your house, my mom lets me.

yours truely,


I feel bad making fun of a 4th/5th grader, but come-on… this is hilarious (and i think my mom lets me).  I probably wrote equally hilarious nonsensical things, but luckily I don’t have the yearbooks I signed!!  I’m sure this is just a case of not knowing what to write in the yearbook of someone in her class, but lets for a moment analyze this… So in 4th grade, she only cares about coming to my house, but wishes me a great summer if she doesn’t come by (her mom lets her).  In 5th grade, she starts with the buttering up, telling me to have the best summer of my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE… following it up by letting me know she IS coming over (her mom lets).

Can’t believe coming to my house was so important that it made it into 2 years of yearbook signatures… but I get the feeling she didn’t get to come over because she didn’t even sign my yearbook the following year.  Oh well.  Or maybe her mom didn’t let anymore…

[to be fair, she does sign it again in later years, and they read perfectly normally w/ no mention of my house or her mom]

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