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 No posts for the next week and a half.  Sorry.

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Tivo, why do you suck at life?

So, I’m happily outlining for finals…ok, maybe not happily, but I’m doing it, and I have my TV on. Watching things on my tivo… Next thing I know it goes silent. What? Why? I look up and the screen says “Welcome! Powering up…”

I think to myself “well thats strange, its never powered up by itself BEFORE”

A few minutes later the next screen says something to the effect of “Just a few more minutes…”

Ok, you’ve totally interrupted my viewing experience, thanks Tivo.

I look up 5 minutes later and it says “Installing an important sevice update”

Ok, fine, this sounds legitimate…

A few minutes later, I get this AWESOME message “Preparing the service update. This may take up to an hour, possibly longer”


WHAT?!?!?!?! Wait a second, I never asked to install anything, why are you ruining the rest of my night? Couldn’t you prompt me for this?

Next thing you’re going to tell me you had to reformat and you’ve lost all my season pass info and my recorded programs…. I guess in an hour or “possibly longer” we’ll find out.

:shakes fist at tivo:

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Treatment comes in many forms

Every semester I take a variety of classes which cover an even larger variety of topics.  Something that has caught my attention recently has been the discussion of rehabilitation of adolescents (whether emotionally or criminally).  I always hear about parenting advice and other methods but rarely do we hear discussions about the juvenile system or therapeutic programs. 

Recently I began to research therapeutic programs, such as Three Springs Paint Rock Valley and a few local programs here in LA.  It is interesting in how these work to help kids be able to solve problems on their own.  Many a kid I grew up with could have used places like this to learn to make better choices.  These days everyone is obsessed with kids making better food choices, I wonder if they ever cover that….

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It’s all starting to wear on me

As my journal article deadline gets close, and midterms are even closer, I feel like I’m losing my mind just a little (a friend of mine would claim Dementia, but after reading some dementia information i don’t think dementia is the case here).  Though i enjoy multitasking, it is always a challenge balancing, work, school work, friends, family, and other extra curricular activities (volunteer and what not).  I love it all, but it’s starting to wear on me.  A vacation from it all would be welcome.

To manage all the different responsibilities I have I am thinking of using a personal task manager or maybe something more like LiquidPlanner.  At times I get overwhelmed with all the different tasks I need to complete, so it has become important to me to split everything up into small goals to prevent myself from being overwhelmed and shutting down.  I’ve found it be very effective and hopefully one of these tools will allow me to automate that system.

Time to get productive!

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Back to the Grind

I’m back to the grind here.  It seems the rain has finally subsided so I can stop carrying an umbrella around (woohoo).  I really am not a fan of rain.  I used to be even less of a fan when I wore glasses….water on my glasses? NO GOOD!

Started my new job and classes again yesterday.  Job seems like it could be pretty cool, I’m actually excited about it.  I think I’m going to be working on a lot of projects that I will really enjoy and can learn a lot from.  Unfortunately with my student loans still building, even with a job I don’t think I could ever afford to even buy Used Cars let alone my dream car, the BMW Z4 coupe M series.  I just keep telling myself that all this hard work will pay off one day, and for now no need to buy another car…
On the bright side, at least I’m not Britney Spears.  Who knew 4 years ago that things would go so bad for her now?

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Having Fun in Los Angeles

Like I said the other night, now that I have some freedom from law school I have a little time to have fun in LA.  Last weekend got a little busy, right after our last finals a few of us went out and saw The Strike Show, which was absolutely hilarious.  Lots of familiar faces like Brad Garrett, Emily Deschanel, Kat Foster, Nick Kroll, and Michael Urie.  It was a great show and we were lucky to be able to go see it since there were only two showings  (I don’t know what made me laugh harder, the saved by the bell scene, or ronna and beverly).  After that was over headed out for the usual drinks on the town.

Saturday night was pretty awesome too.  Headed out to Ketchup, on Sunset, with some friends.  Was my first time there though a few in the group were repeat offenders.  It was an interesting crowd, but the food was great.  Their tomato soup (called American Comfort on the menu) was really good.  As for the ketchups, personally I hate ketchup, but the ranch-ketchup and maple syrup-ketchup were both pretty amazing.  Then of course we rounded the night out with the usual…. drink on the town.

Now?  Oh now I recover from finals and try to become a normal human being again.  I wish my TV shows would come back on…



Finals just wrapped up for those of us in Law School.  It is an amazing feeling being able to come home and NOT having to study for my next final.  Yes, I know, I should get started on my Journal article, but that can wait until Monday… I need a quick breather first to gather myself.  Went out to a lot of great places in LA this weekend, I’ll blog about that after I get a little sleep!

It is just so freeing to be able to sit down at my computer and browse gadget blogs, read the news, google my own name, even look up the Shanghai weather (though I’m not going there), without feeling guilty that I should be preparing for my next exam.  I’m going to go enjoy my freedom now and go get some sleep before I get some wii playing in.  mmm, I love the freedom.


I passed the MPRE!

Heard back yesterday that I passed the MPRE!  Nice of them to email me in the middle of finals to let me know, imagine if I had not passed.  It would have totally impacted my scores.  Speaking of finals, those of you who are familiar with law school finals know that it means that you are stuck in your room studying and memorizing until the finals period is entirely over.

Not very fun, also since you don’t have the time to travel to see anyone, you start missing them.  I only get to see the other students during this time, its LAME.  I realized though, if I could video conference (like if I used this TANDBERG Video Conferencing System) then I could see my family and friends at least virtually during finals.  That WOULD be nice… I can dream.  I heard some student did their interviews using a video conferencing system this year.  I wonder how that worked out, interviews are tough situations to being with and if you throw in a virtual barrier that could make them tougher since it would be harder to relate to your interviewer.

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Law school is miserable. No Really.

Like I said a few days ago, I have not actually abandoned the blog, just been really busy.  Law school has not only taken the front burner in my life right now, it has taken all my burners.  A few of you might rememeber a post I wrote last year, about 2 weeks into my first year of law school, explaining how law school just wasn’t all that great or fun.  Now, a year later, I have even more to say about it.  I had explained that first year of law school was just a survival test.  Who could make it all year and actually function well enough to take an exam.

Second year is a balancing game.  Not only do you have the old stresses from last year (your droning classmates, the hide-the-ball professors, reading, briefing [if you still do that], outlining, and finding supplements to fill in everything you didn’t hear or understand because you were too busy on, but you also have all these new things to deal with.  You’re probably doing OCI and your own private search for a 2L summer job.  You have interviews and callbacks.  You have midterms that count.  You may be on a journal and subchecking.  You need a topic for your journal article.  You need to actually research and write your journal article.   You need to sleep, eat, shower, and clean your room.  You might be taking the MPRE.  You might be doing a externship and working part time.  The list goes on and on.  So in addition to your classes you’re trying to balance all these new things in without killing yourself and getting burned out before finals.

Honestly, I’m not miserable, exhausted and poor, but not miserable.  Law school sucks but you make the best of it and try to get it done so you can graduate, pass the bar, and if you’re lucky get a job.

For those of you who are THINKING OF GOING TO LAW SCHOOL, and I know that some of you are since its October (the month people panic about applying to law school and their pending LSAT results), please rethink it.  Do you really want to be exhausted for 3 years?  Do you really want to not have time to see movies, go on dates, or do laundry?  Read some of the following links before you decide.

Now, do you really want to go?  Check out these posts about applying or getting in.

Part IV should be posted within the next few days.  Enjoy!

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Not Abandoned

I really have not abandoned blogging, I promise.  I’ve just been very busy as a 2L in Law School.  Awesome posts to come when my schedule frees up a bit.

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