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$20 Amazon card for $10 – Today

Hey Guys, Living Social has a deal today. $20 Amazon gift card for $10. I know you all shop there, don’t miss the opportunity.

Get it here.

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Internet Shopping

I pretty much love shopping on the internet. Buying things I know I want/need without having to take the extra time to run to the store? Bonus win.
I shop on all kinds of websites, on-line only stores, stores I go to often which also have on-line stores, ebay, amazon… the list goes on. Sometimes, though, I need to use some kind of aggregator that can pull from multiple shopping sites and help me find what I need. Google shopping is a good one, but I recently found which works pretty well. ShopWiki is a guide designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. They have buying guides that can help you decide the best products to buy in the category you are looking for and where to buy them. ShopWiki basically crawls other online stores to provide you with a wide range of results to look through.
For example, if you were looking to do some Home Improvement (something I don’t know a ton about and would need a buying guide for), you could start on their Workshop and Home Improvement page and from there move into the related guides like Tools and Hardware, Circular Saws, Miter Saws, Power Drills, Hand Tools, and Workshop accessories.
Or, more likely in my case, I want to figure out what new games to buy for my video game consoles so I would start in the Video Games section and then move on to the Game Guide. Maybe the newest Call of Duty is in my future…

Anyway, check it out. Happy Shopping.

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$30 off Dish Network

Just found this…
Use this code: DRC556845948 and get $30 off your first Dish Network Bill.


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TV rocks my world, how to get it to rock yours too

Inbetween work, school, working out, and spending time with friends/family I use my TV to its fullest extent.  If you don’t think having a TV is all that great, it just means you aren’t doing things right… Here is what you should be doing.

  1.  Video Games – Thats right, use your TV for video games, even if you are an adult.  Games are a great way to unwind.  Personally I like the Wii for casual gaming, but the xbox 360 for more involved games and first person shooters.  If you get the Wii…. must get Mario Galaxy, and then the wii fit (see my post about it here).  This even doubles as your exercise, meaning less time at the gym, more time with your TV.
  2. Tivo! – You must get a Tivo!  Tivo means you go to work and school and your shows effortlessly are recorded so when you DO have freetime you can watch exactly what you want, instead of that awful rerun of Mama’s Family.  [Obviously you need cable or satellite to take full advantage of this] [Also, here is a link where you can save up $350 on your Tivo purchase]
  3. NetFlix – Tivo is great, and you get to watch a lot of what you want, but seasons 1-6 of Alias won’t be on, in order.  Get Netflix, setup your queue, watch the dvd’s as they come and enjoy life.  It is cheap and totally worth it.  Worth all $5 a month.

Then again, if you don’t have a TV, just go to and watch some free tv!

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A few updates:

I’ve continued to add to the “Where I get deals” section in my sidebar. That area will continue to grow over the coming days with companies, coupons, and other deals. This time I added a few more companies that I enjoy shopping at, and a coupon ($5 of $75 purchase of music/movies/games), for those of you who are new customers, here is a link to $5 off $100+ on any purchase at


I have a few other promotional coupons for as well, so if you would like anything else, leave a comment and I can see what I can do for you.

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Alert! Woot-Off today!

For those of you looking for good deals, has a woot-off running today.  Keep checking it for great prices on different products.

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Free DVD Ripper

I love free stuff!

For a limited time, you can get the FairUse DVD Ripper for FREE!  No gimmicks, no catches, just go get it while it is still free.

  • Check it out here.


Time Waster Tuesday – Playing games and getting free stuff

Now that I’m on break, figured I’d bring back at least a couple weeks of time waster tuesday (click the tag below if you want to see more).

Today’s time waster is more than awesome.  You get to play games to pass the time (like say in class, or waiting for a call to start at work..) and you win points for the games that you can redeem for awesome prizes like an xbox 360, zune, headphones, 360 games, or a roomba.  You can also donate to charities or schools using your points.

Where does this awesomeness happen? Live Search Club (by Microsoft).  I’m usually reluctant to try to get points to win something, but since this is run by Microsoft I know its legit, and I’m racing towards a roomba to clean up after me.

Here are a few sites about getting tickets/points:

Comment what prize you’re holding out for, you’re tips and tricks, and whether you’ve received anything yet!


DivX Pro FREE (for a limited time, of course)

In case you want to make your own DivX content, they are offering DivX Pro for free as a “Holiday Gift”

Go.  Download.  Be Merry.

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Free Ringtones and Game!

AT&T is offering Free holiday ringtones and games for a limited time. The way it works is you text “GIFT” to 7230 and then send you a link where you can get the ringtones and game. The Link seems to just be so if you want to save yourself a text I think you can just directly go to the URL.

Enjoy your free stuff!

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