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Why, as an Armenian, I am not offended by the Kim Kardashian Turkish Cosmo Cover

If you haven’t heard about the controversy, Kim Kardashian was featured on the April cover of the Turkish print of Cosmo magazine. You can read/see more about this here:

Though I do find it offensive that a Turkish entity is using an Armenian for the purpose of profit (selling magazines in this case), I am not offended by Kim Kardashian being on the cover of the April issue of the Turkish Cosmo. Why? I feel like this is a sign of triumph over the Genocide. 96 years ago on April 24, 1915 the Turkish government tried to wipe out the Armenian people and now here we are on the covers of their magazines. It is almost a tribute to our resilience. Hell, I wish Armenians were on the covers of all Turkish magazines this month.

If you want to learn more about the Armenian Genocide check out my previous post series talking about it.

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Will we hear new music from Garbage?

Earlier today, or very late last night, Garbage lead singe, Shirley Manson, posted a note on her facebook which ended with:
“Guess who I just spent a week in the studio with?
Would you be pleased if I said one of them was called Steve and one of them was called Duke and another was a grammy winning producer?”

Does this mean we should expect new music from Garbage? Is their hiatus finally over?

Not too long ago, the studio Garbage recorded most of their music in (Smart studios owned by band member Butch Vig) announced it was officially closing so I figured that would be the end of Garbage… I’m glad to hear they are back to recording regardless of whether their “home studio” is closed or not.

On a side note, I live in the same area as Shirley Manson and have failed to run into her. Can someone make this happen already? Seriously.

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Pablove Foundation Benefit Show

Went to the Pablove Foundation Benefit Show. A good concert for a good cause.

…though I do wish that Shirley Manson had done a couple more songs…

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Son of an Astronaut

Has anyone else noticed how they have repeatedly mentioned to us that the USA gymnast Justin Spring is the son of an astronaut?  The thing is, every time they say it, it sounds like its an expletive.  Watch for it.

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Spotted – T.J. Thyne of Bones

Fellow Trojan, T.J. Thyne of the Bones cast (playing Jack Hodgins) was seen yesterday at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in California.

Hope he had a relaxing Sunday afternoon…

Can’t wait for the new season to start.

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Spotted – Tony Danza

Sat next to Tony Danza at dinner friday night (4/11/08) at Marmalade Cafe in Malibu, CA.

Ok, but seriously, Who’s the boss?

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Timewaster Tuesday – My new addiction

Not that I have any time to waste at all these days…

I have a new addiction. It wastes time, and its free, how great is that? Those of you that used to play DOTA on warcraft will likely appreciate this a great deal. A friend of mine recently introduced me to this great game called Desktop Tower Defense. ” Desktop TD is a fun flash based puzzle / strategy game where you have to protect your desktop from invaders by spending money on attacking pieces and building a maze for them to follow.”

It is amazing, simple, and yet highly addictive. If you want to be productive today, I suggest you stay away from it. Be careful….

Oh and if a highly addictive flash game isn’t what you’re looking for, go ahead and check out these pictures of what celebrities would look like if they moved to Oklahoma.

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Time for a new look?

Though i don’t have the time now, at all, to do this… I think it would be fun to give the blog a new look.  Clean it up a bit.  Add a section on the side for most popular posts, things like that.  I use WordPress  and that would not be changing.  I am very happy with wordpress.  I should, however, upgrade the version of wordpress I am running and take advantage of the new features available on the new versions.

As for the new look, the dilemma is do i create my own new look? Do I get a blog designer?  Do i just use a preset template?

The best would likely be to edit a preset template to my liking.  Man I’m tired.  Time to go veg out and watch some tv.  I’m still shocked that Heath Ledger passed away today.

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Having Fun in Los Angeles

Like I said the other night, now that I have some freedom from law school I have a little time to have fun in LA.  Last weekend got a little busy, right after our last finals a few of us went out and saw The Strike Show, which was absolutely hilarious.  Lots of familiar faces like Brad Garrett, Emily Deschanel, Kat Foster, Nick Kroll, and Michael Urie.  It was a great show and we were lucky to be able to go see it since there were only two showings  (I don’t know what made me laugh harder, the saved by the bell scene, or ronna and beverly).  After that was over headed out for the usual drinks on the town.

Saturday night was pretty awesome too.  Headed out to Ketchup, on Sunset, with some friends.  Was my first time there though a few in the group were repeat offenders.  It was an interesting crowd, but the food was great.  Their tomato soup (called American Comfort on the menu) was really good.  As for the ketchups, personally I hate ketchup, but the ranch-ketchup and maple syrup-ketchup were both pretty amazing.  Then of course we rounded the night out with the usual…. drink on the town.

Now?  Oh now I recover from finals and try to become a normal human being again.  I wish my TV shows would come back on…


Time Waster Tuesdays

As I said last week, every week I will be posting my favorite “time waster” of the week. Last week I talked about Yahoo! Answers, a rewarding way to entertain yourself, or waste a little time online. This week I want to talk a little about one of my guilty pleasures. Celebrity Gossip Blogs and News. Growing up in Los Angeles, I’m not prone to being starstruck, but celebrity gossip is just so entertaining. My favorite places to read up on celebrity gossip?

  1. The Superficial – By far the best one out there, it isn’t updated as often as some of the rest, but the writing is so great. Incredibly funny.
  2. – Updated very often, always something to read, but sometimes I’m not amused.
  3. Yahoo! Omg! – I just got an email about this recently, so I’m new to the site/service, but so far so good.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, give it a try, you never know.

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