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Remembering the Armenian Genocide – 100 years of denial

Armenian Genocide Centennial

Armenian Genocide Centennial

Today, April 24th, is a day of remembrance for the lives lost during the Armenian Genocide, which took place beginning April 24, 1915. We are now 100 years from the original atrocities that took place. Over 1.5 million Armenians were murdered between 1915-1918 – approximately 75-80% of the Armenian population of the world at that time. Thankfully, the attempts by the young turks of the Ottoman Empire to eradicate the Armenians was not successful. Currently the Armenian Diaspora includes over 9 million people throughout the world.
Please take a moment now to remember those lost in the Armenian Genocide…

If you have never heard of the Armenian Genocide before, please take a few minutes to browse through my posts below which outline some facts of the event and my great grandmothers account of the atrocities, as she was a survivor. Previously, I wrote a series of posts on the topic, including the account of the genocide by my great grandmother, that you can see here:

Part 1 – The Armenian Genocide
Part 2 – What Transpired
Part 3 – Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
Part 4 – A Survivor’s Account of the Armenian Genocide – My Great Grandmother.

For additional information on the Armenian Genocide check out these sites:

Thank you for taking a moment to remember.

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Cutting Cable Follow-up – 10 Months Later

It has been 10 months since I wrote about my plan to cut cable and get my entertainment needs from internet sources. How’s it going? It’s going.
For 9 months I did it flawlessly. The things I missed? HBO and being able to randomly flip channels… oh and the price is right on the off chance I was still home at 10am. However, I have cable again. Did I need it? No. My 12 month promotion on my internet service expired, raising the prices by more than double. The only way to reduce the price was to sign up for a new service plan that was $4 more but included basic (VERY BASIC) cable along with my internet plan. As it was financially the best choice I went with it.
I’m still using all the resources I described, but it is nice to just watch a random show or sports game on TV sometimes. My OTA antennae would cut out half the time so I didn’t get all the basic channels consistently before.
Even with basic cable, I am still mostly watching Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix.
Also, HBO Now is out this month, so I can get HBO also. YAY #GOT

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