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Cutting Cable and Still Watching TV

After hearing all about people cutting cable and watching tv, I decided to give it a try. In short, I love it.

If you’re trying to do the same, here are my tips.

Making the transition:
Before you go all out and cancel your cable, feel free to try the all internet route for a few weeks and see how you like it. Most of the internet services I will recommend have free trials you can use before committing.

Wait… Transition to what?
Transition to the services that will allow you to watch your shows!

My favorite services are Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and Netflix.

Amazon Prime: My favorite choice. Not only do they have 40,000 titles available, including portions of the HBO library, but the service also let’s you get free two-day shipping on amazon orders and allows you to borrow kindle books for free. Essentially you get to watch a random collection of movies, HBO shows that are not currently in season, BBC shows, Downton Abbey, The Americans, etc. No real currently airing shows, but a good library regardless. 30-day free trial, then $99/year.

Netflix: I signed up for this purely to watch Orange is the New Black. Not kidding. Besides OITNB and House of Cards, their original series, they have a solid streaming library of existing and some currently airing shows. Also, a decent movie library. Free month trial, then $7.99 a month for streaming.

Hulu Plus: My last favorite service is Hulu Plus. The perk of this service over the others is that Hulu Plus allows you to watch current seasons of shows. Great replacement for everyday show watching. You can get the first two weeks free, then $7.99 a month. Also, the base service on is free; however, it will only allow you to watch 5 episodes of some shows, and only on your PC, not devices.

When you get bored… You can also install redbox instant for an occasional movie rental when the other choices don’t suffice.

Sports: if you’re primary concern are sports, you can sign up for services through each of the sports leagues (NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL) to watch live sports. Some of them have odd blackout policies. Or… You can walk to a local spots bar and watch with friends 😉

How to watch using these services?
You can generally watch programming using these services by accessing their website on your laptop, installing and using their app on your phone or tablet/iPad (App store, Android Play store), or on your Smart TV. Personally, I like the Samsung smart TV platform, but Sony and a few others have the apps as well. If you don’t own a Smart TV, you can still watch with these services on your TV. You can either connect your laptop to your TV via an HDMI cable, or you can purchase a peripheral device such as a Roku 3, an Apple TV, or the Amazon Fire TV.

Happy watching. Feel free to comment any questions or tips.

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