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Hold on. Angry rant incoming. Is there some ridiculous conspiracy going on to make this city impossible to drive through? I can’t get anywhere without sitting in a ridiculous amount of traffic. During the day, the various rush hours make driving unbearable. Ok, fine, so the goal is to avoid rush hour right? Drive later, after rush hour is over? NO. Because every night they close down all the freeways to 1-2 lanes and bring everything to crushing stand still. Oh, you want to take the 405? Half the lanes are closed and you probably cant find an open on ramp anyway. The 110? No, the section through the tunnels is narrowed to 1 lane so it will take you forever to get through. The 134? Forget it, they narrow it to 2 lanes while they… OK, I’ve never actually even seen anyone working, but they are definitely diligently practicing their cone placement and removal every night. I now hate the color red because it signifies brake lights and the color of the freeway on google traffic maps. Additionally, all this sitting around with my car running on the freeway means I need to get gas all the time since my MPGs are worthless. And every time I fill gas I get angry… Oh it’s $3.839 per gallon. Wait… 9? This has annoyed me since I was a kid. I can’t pay in thousandths of pennies. None of us can… Why are they allowed to post prices in decimal levels that we can’t pay in? Can I bill my clients that way? Are they keeping track of the extra pennies I give them every day because of that fraction that I can’t pay in? Do the extra pennies roll over and am I getting credits? Am I going to get a free stick of gum one day? Please post your prices in amounts that currency exists in. Oh and surprise, they closed my exit to work this morning. Let’s enjoy the convenient detour. End Rant.

(Reproduced from my Facebook page from a few days ago. Easily my longest rant ever.)

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