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Recovering from a wordpress update error – “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

I just experienced my first WordPress update error. I have to say, I was a little freaked out.
I tried to auto update 5 of my plugins. The update page came back and said there was an error, when I tried to navigate to the updates page to try it again the page went blank and I got this lovely message:
“Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

This message appeared on any page associated with the admin/dashboard area. I believe some refer to this as the website being stuck in maintenance mode. Luckily the front end of my blog/website was still running fine.

Here is how I fixed it:

  1. Logged into my blogs root folder via ftp
  2. Opened my wp-content folder which houses the plugins folder. 
  3. Renamed plugins to plugins.old
  4. Made a new folder called plugin

Tada! Everything works again. Now you can either reinstall all your plugins or do what I did. I deleted the plugins directory, renamed plugins.old to plugins and tried that. I was able to get back into my admin area and just had to manually update those plugins that were not updated and probably caused the error to begin with.

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What do you mean I can’t view this on my mobile device

Have you ever been browsing on your phone and you come across the warning/error message “This content is not available on mobile devices”? It might be a picture, a website, a file, or a youtube video.
This annoys me. You have provided the content on the internet, what do you care what device I’m using to view it? This is equivalent to telling me I can only read my newspaper in my kitchen, not my bedroom, and definitely not in the office. That would be absurd right? Because once you have te newspaper you should be able to read it anywhere, right?
Well, this is absurd. Content on the internet should not be censored this way. I thought it was the information highway, free exchange of information, etc. If this was the case, let me view what you have already made available online using any web capable electronic I own.
Internet content providers should not be able to block phones, googleTV, netbooks, laptops, tablets, or whatever else may be invented in the future.
I understand that some content providers are trying to protect their content for misuse, however, a different way of implementing that has to be found. A better method.

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Take the stairs

I’m serious… take the stairs.
I constantly hear that 1) we should be saving energy, and 2) we should be more active to improve our health. Well, I have a pretty easy solution, take the stairs rather than the elevator. You get where you want to go, avoid using the elevator (and associated energy usage), and get in a little exercise.

It seems simple but so many buildings, in LA at least, are built so that it is actually inconvenient to use the stairs. I’m not sure why those who design and build these structures construct layouts which discourage the use of stairs, but it is a shame. Running errands recently, I was in a 6 story building which also had a basement. I needed to get to the basement and planned to take the stairs, especially after I noticed the crowd at the elevator bank. Turns out the stairwells are way in the back of the building, totally out of the weigh. This definitely discourages people from taking the stairs.

Anyway, take the stairs. If you want to figure out exactly how many extra calories you’re burning check out this website.

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