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I want a tablet

So, last week I got it in my head that I want a tablet. Why? I don’t know. What will I do with it? I don’t know. Ever since I decided this I’ve been trying to figure out what to buy. Do I get the Motorola Xoom
? Do I get the Ipad? Wait Ipad 1 or Ipad 2? Do I wait for more Android 3 tablets to come out? Should I look at a Kindle
So far my choices are expensive ones, the Xoom and Ipad don’t run cheap. I just sat down and tried to figure out what it is that I exactly need on my tablet device. You know what it boiled down to? Can I play Angry Birds. Yeah, seriously. That’s my only qualification. Based on that, I think an Ipod touch is in my future. It has wifi. I can play music. I can take pictures. Best of all, I CAN PLAY ANGRY BIRDS.

Sound logic right? Maybe I should take a day or two to think about this before I go out and get my ipod touch? hmmm.

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