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I just want to see everything in detailed view

When I am looking for a file, whether it is a document or a folder where a document may be… I want to see everything in detailed view. This way, with a single click I can organize things in date order or by name or size… Anyway, the possibilities are endless, you get what I’m saying. I had this all set up o my PC until a few weeks ago where it just decided that everything would be arranged by icons. This makes it really hard to browse alphabetically for files, skipping from column to column. BOO. I had to fix it.

To do this in Vista:

  • Open a folder you want to view in this manner.
  • Set it to the view you prefer.
  • Next, click Organize in the toolbar, and then click Folder and Search Options.
  • In Folder Options, click the View tab, and then click Apply to Folders.

For those of you who are particular about how you view things while browsing for files, do that. Also take a look at this page on the Microsoft website which outlines other customizations you may want to make (like opening every folder in it’s own folder).

Enjoy seeing everything as you want it to be seen!

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I want a tablet

So, last week I got it in my head that I want a tablet. Why? I don’t know. What will I do with it? I don’t know. Ever since I decided this I’ve been trying to figure out what to buy. Do I get the Motorola Xoom
? Do I get the Ipad? Wait Ipad 1 or Ipad 2? Do I wait for more Android 3 tablets to come out? Should I look at a Kindle
So far my choices are expensive ones, the Xoom and Ipad don’t run cheap. I just sat down and tried to figure out what it is that I exactly need on my tablet device. You know what it boiled down to? Can I play Angry Birds. Yeah, seriously. That’s my only qualification. Based on that, I think an Ipod touch is in my future. It has wifi. I can play music. I can take pictures. Best of all, I CAN PLAY ANGRY BIRDS.

Sound logic right? Maybe I should take a day or two to think about this before I go out and get my ipod touch? hmmm.

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