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I’m on Twitter. @mofomon

Guys. I’m on twitter. Add me: @mofomon

I’ve had a twitter account for a really long time now, but recently I have actually become involved. I never realized what a rich community it is until I spent a few hours a day finding, following, and reading the tweets of tweeters that provide information that is pertinent and interesting to me. I’m making an effort to get involved and provide a valuable contribution myself. Follow me and let me know that you did and I will follow back.

For those of you that are also bloggers, check out this article on How to Use Twitter – Tips for Bloggers.

Happy blogging/tweeting!

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Merry (belated) Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all. Even if my post is a day late.

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Death by caffeine

How many cups of that Starbucks drink would it take to kill you?

Find out here.

I’m happy to report that I don’t think I can drink enough coca cola to kill me because of the caffeine. Phew.

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21 Choices – not as wholesome as they say

21 Choices - Their Story - Not so organic

In an effort to maintain a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been looking for a frozen yogurt shop that serves frozen yogurt that is organic or free of additives and corn products (like corn syrup). I checked out the 21 Choices website and their “Our Story” section proudly states that “There are no syrups, powders, or favorings – just wholesome and organic ingrdients and cultured ingredients that are guaranteed to make you smile.” Sounds promising, right?!?!?

Wrong. Totally wrong.

I called to ask about the ingredients. Turns out ALL of their yogurts contain corn syrup. So much for that whle no syrups things. Also they contain sodium phosphate and sodium citrate.
When I asked how this plays into their whole organic and no syrups thing on the website, I was told “Oh, we don’t add the corn syrup, it already comes in our yogurt.” As if that means that they can claim that their frozen yogurt is organic and wholesome. Maybe they should look into switching to a yogurt provider like Straus Family Creamery instead of just serving crap and calling it organic… because they didn’t add the crap themselves. Great logic.

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Donkey Kong Country Returns!

I’ve been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii for a few days now and I just need to say that these multi-player co-op side scrolling games are my favorites. Between this and the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game, I’m totally set.

I enjoy the 3d games too but there is just something about the side scrollers that I love. The added multi-player capabilities just make it that much better since I can play with friends and we can help each other get through the game.

<3 Wii

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