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Watched Nine tonight. It was terrible. The sequence during the ending credits covered everything you needed to know and was much much better than the movie. Save yourself the trouble and don’t watch it… but if you must, just skip to the sequence during the credits.

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Iron Man 2

Blogging. What we did when tweeting wasn’t cool.

Saw Iron Man 2. I liked it, it was fun to watch, but Iron Man 1 was better. More coherent, better storyline, better hero triumph.

See both anyway. Ya Rly.

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LOST – 2.5 hours to prove you’re ridiculous

The Lost series finale was last night. I have to say, way to take the easiest way out by telling us that both that everyone was alive on the island and that everyone is dead now and they all died at some point earlier or later. Thanks again for not answering any questions about why the island is weird… couldn’t they all have come together in a regular setting in the “regular” world to work together to go on to the afterlife/church/whatever? I can’t help but feel that the writers really never planned to wrap things up and answer questions, they just made up crazy scenarios that they felt entertained us… and then just told us everyone is dead now after their life journey and learning faith and to let go. Oh, and where they “are” there is “no now.”

This last season was pretty terrible. I’m glad it’s over, now I can focus on more entertaining shows.

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