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LOST – making a deal with the Fake Locke

Did anyone catch last night’s episode?

It was revealed to us that both Dogen and Sayid made deals with Jacob and Fake-Locke to save someone they cared for at the expense of them staying on the island with a “job.”
If you recall, Juliet also made a similar deal with respect to saving her sisters life for staying on the island and doing her research.

Can we assume that Claire made a similar deal regarding her son, maybe one that she doesn’t recall?

Also, Sayid was instructed to stab Fake-Locke before he spoke. Does that mean that Sayid would have been able to kill him if he had followed directions or do we take Fake-Locke’s word that Sayid would never have been able to kill him, Dogen was just trying to get Sayid killed?


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