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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Opening ceremonies – WHAT was that?

I am super excited that the Olympics have started, but I have to say I was disappointed by the opening ceremonies.

Did you catch tonight’s Olympics Opening Ceremonies? I was bored out of my mind. Sure there were some high points like projected Orcas swimming across the stage and the mind boggling hair of that opera singer… but the rest? come on.

I wanted excitement and impossible daring feats. I got a poet from youtube and a boy twirling in the air performing “can you see the wind.” Is this the impression you wanted the world to have, Canada? Is this what you wanted me to take away from the opening ceremonies? Boredom?

Should have used the Disney Epcot Pavillion sound track (Oh Canada, you’re a lifetime journey for the traveler) or the whole attraction would have been fine also.

I wonder if there is a transcript of the speech the CEO gave, which was a series of lists combined to form a speech.

Regardless, the torch is lit and the games have commenced! Can’t wait to watch the events!!

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