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Riddle – What runs all day….

A riddle I found in some papers I have..

What runs all day and never walks,
Often murmurs, never talks;
It has a bed and never sleeps;
It has a mouth and never eats.


Answer: A River.

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Pablove Foundation Benefit Show

Went to the Pablove Foundation Benefit Show. A good concert for a good cause.

…though I do wish that Shirley Manson had done a couple more songs…

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Google Wave Invite

I have a Google Wave invite to give out. Who wants it? best comment with a one liner joke gets it.

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Best Windows 7 Utilities

Now that Windows 7 is being sold on PC’s, time to explore what the best utilities are to keep your Windows machine in shape.

Check out this article I wrote outlining the Best Windows 7 Utilities.

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How to view hidden disconnected devices in the device manager

How to view hidden disconnected devices in the device manager on Vista?

In case you ever need to uninstall a device that is no longer connected to your Windows Vista machine, here is how you enable viewing of these devices in the device manager:
Go to Control Panel
Advanced System Settings
Environment Variables
New ( user variables if just for you or system variables for all users of your computer )
In the Variable Name box type devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices and in the Variable Value type 1.
Then you need to OK it twice.

Now return to the Device Manager, click on view, and show hidden devices.
The Hidden/Disconnected devices will now be displayed in gray. Have fun right clicking and uninstalling.

Have Windows XP or earlier? Try this:
Go to c:\windows\system32, find cmd.exe, right click and choose “run as administrator”
In the command window which opens, type:
Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 (press enter)
Devmgmt.msc (press enter)
In the device manager window which opens click View=>show hidden devices.

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