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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Idiot on the 101N

This morning, on the 101 north, I was about 8 cars behind (and two lanes over from) an idiot on the freeway. He was driving a dark green modified pickup with what looked like plywood in the back… Going uphill a piece of wood the size of a double bed got kicked up from his truck bed and was sticking straight up. It hadn’t fallen out (yet) but it was sticking straight up, only about 25% of it still in the truck bed, pieces of other wood flying out behind him onto the other cars. Instead of pulling over at this point, to remedy his soon to be road hazard, the idiot speeds up and pulls from lane 4 into lane 3! Further from the shoulder! While I try to decide if I want to hang back or try to pass him quickly before the plywood comes flying out of his truck… it comes loose, hits a few cars, hits the divider, and luckily misses me since I had slowed down during my moment of indecision.

What an idiot. He should have just pulled over and taken care of that as soon as everything came loose earlier.

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