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The Armenian Genocide – What Transpired

Though Recognition of the Armenian Genocide is discussed and debated around this time of year, what actually transpired during the Armenian Genocide is not always explained.  In my second blog post in the Armenian Genocide series I want to outline the events as they occured and provide a few links for those who want further information.

April 24, 1915 marks what is generally regarded as the beginning of the Armenian Genocide.  On this day Ottoman authorities arrested the Armenian intellectuals and community leaders, theorizing that without these individuals it would be easier to terminate the rest of the Armenian population.  Following this date Ottoman authorities removed the males from the cities and villages either by masking their removal as a “military draft” or by removing them by force.  The Armenian villages and cities were also asked to give up all of their weapons to donate them to the war effort.  After the Armenians were left weaponless and without a considerable portion of their male population, the women and children were told they were going to be relocated for their own safety.  At this point Ottoman military went to areas inhabited by Armenians, attacking, raping, and murdering inhabitants before forcing the rest to be uprooted from their homes with few or no belongings.  Next, these Armenians were forced to march hundreds of miles with no food or water into the deserts of what is now Syria.  Those who managed to survive these marches were either left to die in the desert or forced into underground caves where they were burned (similar to how people were forced into gas chambers during the holocaust).  These actions by the Ottoman empire took place over a number of years (1915-1918).  Those that survived either escaped from their villages initially, escaped during the marches, or were helped by Arabs or those called “good Turks,” who took Armenians into hiding to protect them. In total there were nearly 1.5 million Armenians murdered during the Genocide.

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