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Backing up your computer

Recently I was upgrading my computer and when restarting it took longer than usual I had a short panic attack that I may have corrupted my hard drive and lost everything on it (you know photos, papers, that nasty email I saved from my ex-bff…).  What was worse is that I realized that I hadn’t backed up my data in over 2 years!  My computer ended up booting up just fine but this quick scare was enough to get me to look into the best ways to back up my data.  Here is what I’ve found:

  • There are two types of backups, File backups (backing up folders and files) and Full image backups (backs up your entire computer’s “image” meaning you can restore your computer exactly to the way it is now, settings and all).
  • You can use the built-in windows backup utility for this (here is another guide for that)
  • You can also use various software suites to do your backups (like syncback) and here are a few guides for that: guide 1, backup software guide 2

You can store your backups on DVD’s or an external hard drive.  I will be doing a little of each.

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