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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Jay is NY’s Justin-Bobby

Just as my schedule started to ease up, TV shows stopped airing new episodes and just showing us reruns… I’m not sure what about winter break brings on bad movies and reruns, but its always been that way and I don’t like it. 
To make up for it I’ve spent hours on catching up on my favorites (like 30 Rock) and watching whatever actual new show have been on.  Last night I caught the new MTV show, “The City.”  It’s a spin-off from “The Hills” and it was not a rerun.  Anyone who watched or has a gf who watched The Hills has heard of Justin-Bobby, the on-again off-again “boyfriend” of one of the girls… Now Whitney has a love interest on The City, Jay, and I’m going to go ahead and call it now, he’s going to pull a Justin-Bobby.  He’s not going to commit, he’s going to be randomly unavailable, randomly lovey-dovey… we already have him telling his roommate he doesn’t want to stop dating others, but surprising Whitney at a dinner party he said he wasn’t attending.  I’m bored already.  Luckily most other shows will pick back up this weekend.

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