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My mom lets me.

So I was looking through my old yearbooks and the things people wrote on the “autograph” pages and in 4th grade I find this:

“Dear monica,

I hope i can come to your house over summer vacation. if it is ok with your mom, i can come, because my mom lets me come to your house! if i don’t, have a great summer!

Love michelle”

…and then in 5th grade

“Dear monica,

Hope you have the best summer you have ever had in your whole entire life.  I am going to come to your house, my mom lets me.

yours truely,


I feel bad making fun of a 4th/5th grader, but come-on… this is hilarious (and i think my mom lets me).  I probably wrote equally hilarious nonsensical things, but luckily I don’t have the yearbooks I signed!!  I’m sure this is just a case of not knowing what to write in the yearbook of someone in her class, but lets for a moment analyze this… So in 4th grade, she only cares about coming to my house, but wishes me a great summer if she doesn’t come by (her mom lets her).  In 5th grade, she starts with the buttering up, telling me to have the best summer of my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE… following it up by letting me know she IS coming over (her mom lets).

Can’t believe coming to my house was so important that it made it into 2 years of yearbook signatures… but I get the feeling she didn’t get to come over because she didn’t even sign my yearbook the following year.  Oh well.  Or maybe her mom didn’t let anymore…

[to be fair, she does sign it again in later years, and they read perfectly normally w/ no mention of my house or her mom]

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What she wants in her next boyfriend

Someone found this list somewhere near UC Davis…

A girl listed out what she wants in her next boyfriend.  It looks pretty complete to me, the only things i’d remove would be “liberal” and “defesive.”  My next boyfriend need not be liberal or defensive… defensive?

Please note how she specified that she wants him to love her, but not be into anyone else!  Check it out below!  Click to bigify.

List of what qualities this girl's next bf should have

List of what qualities this girl

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Don’t see Max Payne

It was awful.  Don’t see it.  It was basically a video game, but I didnt even get to play.  Shooting, cut scene, shooting, cut scene, shooting, cut scene, boss level, end credits.

AWFUL.  I think they left out some of the more important plot cut scenes.

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Optical Illusion – Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe

I promise this is not some ploy by me to get you to walk away from your PC and look like a fool.  I got this in an email and thought it must be one of those hoaxes, turns out its legit!

Below is an image that up close looks like Albert Einsein but when you walk away from your screen and look at it from a distance it looks like Marilyn Monroe!

Try it out.  I promise.

Albert Einstein up close and Marilyn Monroe from a distance

Albert Einstein up close and Marilyn Monroe from a distance

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Economy Update

The Treasury Department did a rush job on a new dollar bill design because of the current state of the economy…

New Dollar Design

New Dollar Design

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Almost Free IN-n-Out October 22 is a HOAX!

Yesterday I posted about the almost free In-n-Out anniversary prices on October 22 … today after a little research I found out its all just a rumor / hoax.  As per their website:

“You may be aware of a rumor about our menu prices being lowered for our anniversary on October 22nd. This rumor is untrue.”

Sorry for the buzzkill 🙁

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Almost Free In-n-Out … October 22

Just a heads up to everyone:

In-n-Out’s 60th Year Anniversary is Wednesday, October 22nd. All hamburgers will be sold for 25 cents, Cheeseburgers 30 cents, Fries 15 cents, and drinks are 10 cents!!! So mark your calendars!

Who can turn down a full In-n-Out meal for under a dollar?  Especially when the economy and stock market are free falling?  Enjoy your cheap but awesomely tasty meal on October 22!!

EDIT: turns out this is a hoax! BUMMER.

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Jealousy v. Envy

I have a question… What is the difference between jealousy and envy?

I looked up both words and these were the two definitions I found (I won’t tell you which is which):

  • feeling resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages
  • A feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.

What is the difference?!?  Can someone explain what the difference is between these two words and the two definitions?


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Expect the Unexpected

That’s what my horoscope for the week told me to do. Problem is, I should have read it earlier in the week. My wednesday was comically unexpected…

First, while waiting for an appointment, a loud 2 yr old walked up to me babbled for a couple seconds and then kicked me in the shins, unexpectedly. Best part was, the kid’s dad didn’t even apologize…

Next, less than an hour later, while at the gas station, someone poured gasoline on my leg and foot. That was totally unexpected, the economy is bad, gas is pricey, and you’re pouring it on me?

Luckily, the kid wasn’t wearing shoes and I was able to wash the gasoline off before someone threw a match at me!

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Today I had the opportunity to taste the Best Fudge Ever. That sounds like a baseless blanket statement, but I assure you it is not. I have a slight chocolate/fudge eating problem, so whenever it is available to me I have some. Today I had the best.

Once a week, in one of my courses, an entrepreneur comes and speaks to my class about their business. Today, Momma Reiner of Momma Reiner’s Fudge spoke to us about how she went from making fudge at home for her family to running a successful business selling her awesome fudge. Specifically I had the fudge-dipped marshmallows.

Order yourself a box, you owe it to yourself.

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