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I Can’t Sleep

That seems like a normal statement for most to make, but anyone who knows me can say that I have no problems sleeping. I just put my head down, close my eyes, and I’m out. Sometimes its a little too hot or a little too cold so it takes me an extra minute or two, but soon I’m out. Finals are the only exception to that rule. During finals, I cannot sleep. I become a total insomniac. I lay in bed all night, but I never go to sleep. Two+ weeks of straight no sleep. The catch is, after its over, I’m great! Back to instant sleep!
Here’s my problem, its not finals. Its not even midterms. Why can’t I sleep? I guess I should ask why people who normally have this problem can’t sleep? Usually I put my emotions aside and just check out. Why can’t I stop my mind from racing tonight? What makes these thoughts so immovable when I was able to place so many others on hold for sleep before?

This is totally a case of you don’t realize what you have until its gone. I realize I had amazing sleep skills, now give them back!

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