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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Jonas Brothers? You mean Hanson, right?

The Jonas Brothers… every time I turn on my TV or radio some tween/teen girl is gushing about them. I decided to check them out and you know what I discovered. Well, aside from the fact that I do not like them, I discovered that they are THE HANSON BROTHERS.

Think about it.

  • Three brothers (Kevin, Joe, Nick Jonas — Isaac, Taylor, Zac Hanson)
  • All three have the same hair color (Jonas dark – Hanson Blond)
  • The middle brother is girlish looking (See Joe Jonas and Taylor Hanson)
  • Both bands play up the wholesome family oriented bit
  • The Fathers of both bands are ministers.
  • Genre – Pop

Yup. Same thing – Just 10 years later.

So… go hum MMMBop, or S.O.S.

Practically the same band anyway…

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