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Two things you need to check out

Both of these were pointed out to me by friends, and now I’m doing the friendly thing to do and sharing them with you.

You NEED to check out both of these websites:

  1. Fail Blog
  2. The 7 Commandments All Video Games Should Obey

If those weren’t enough to start off your morning (failblog has over 117 pages, how are you already done?) postsecret updates on Sundays so you can check that out as well.

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How to stop annoying Vista UAC pop-ups

I wrote about this a long time ago, when Vista was first being sold pre-installed on computers, but most users still did not have the pleasure of using it. In all I have nothing against Vista. At first I thought it was awful. I thought it was totally lame having stupid pop-ups asking for my permission every time I tried to run a program.

Once I disabled the annoying UAC pop-ups, Vista really became an enjoyable robust OS. If you are using Vista and are so far unhappy, I highly suggest you follow my instructions here to turn off UAC and you may feel differently.

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They won their perfect wedding

For those of you who voted, I just wanted to let you know. Nick and Jessica won.

A big congrats to them.

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Last two days of voting. Help them win their dream wedding.

Guys. Only today and tomorrow are left in the KIIS FM voting to help Nick and Jessica win their dream wedding. Even if you haven’t been able to take the time recently to do this, just take a minute today and help them out.

Thanks for your support.

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I Can’t Sleep

That seems like a normal statement for most to make, but anyone who knows me can say that I have no problems sleeping. I just put my head down, close my eyes, and I’m out. Sometimes its a little too hot or a little too cold so it takes me an extra minute or two, but soon I’m out. Finals are the only exception to that rule. During finals, I cannot sleep. I become a total insomniac. I lay in bed all night, but I never go to sleep. Two+ weeks of straight no sleep. The catch is, after its over, I’m great! Back to instant sleep!
Here’s my problem, its not finals. Its not even midterms. Why can’t I sleep? I guess I should ask why people who normally have this problem can’t sleep? Usually I put my emotions aside and just check out. Why can’t I stop my mind from racing tonight? What makes these thoughts so immovable when I was able to place so many others on hold for sleep before?

This is totally a case of you don’t realize what you have until its gone. I realize I had amazing sleep skills, now give them back!

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Jonas Brothers? You mean Hanson, right?

The Jonas Brothers… every time I turn on my TV or radio some tween/teen girl is gushing about them. I decided to check them out and you know what I discovered. Well, aside from the fact that I do not like them, I discovered that they are THE HANSON BROTHERS.

Think about it.

  • Three brothers (Kevin, Joe, Nick Jonas — Isaac, Taylor, Zac Hanson)
  • All three have the same hair color (Jonas dark – Hanson Blond)
  • The middle brother is girlish looking (See Joe Jonas and Taylor Hanson)
  • Both bands play up the wholesome family oriented bit
  • The Fathers of both bands are ministers.
  • Genre – Pop

Yup. Same thing – Just 10 years later.

So… go hum MMMBop, or S.O.S.

Practically the same band anyway…

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A couple clicks from you and they can win their dream wedding.

As I explained earlier, friends of mine are competing in KIIS FM’s dream wedding competition. Last week they were announced as being one of the NINE finalists!! The winner of the contest will now be determined by voting. The happy couple would really appreciate your support and your votes!

Voting began, September 12th and continues until Monday, September 22nd.
All you do is visit the page (, click on the radio button for Nick and Jess, and then click “Vote Now.” You’ll only be able to vote once, unless you either disable your “cookies” or delete your “cookies” after each vote. Disabling cookies is the preferred method because it’s the easiest on you. But do whatever you feel most comfortable with. If you need instructions on how to do this, let me know and I can provide them.

Please take a second and follow the link to cast your vote and help them out.

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Sorry about the odd hiatus from posting. I had lost access to the blog due to a glitch, but all is well now!

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