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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Help my friends win their dream wedding!!

For those of you in SoCal, I’m sure you have heard that KIIS FM is letting couple compete to win their dream wedding.  As soon as I heard about it, I wondered if any of the soon to be married couples I knew were going to make their couples page and compete to win.  Not long after the contest started accepting entries I heard that a good friend of mine from law school, Nick, and his fiance have entered! Take a few minutes and help win by just visiting their couple’s page:  Leaving comments (either on the page, pictures or blogs) also gives them extra points towards winning, so they are definitely welcome [but you must become a KIIS VIP member (see instructions at the bottom of this post for that)].

A quick background on Nick and his fiance Jess, how I know them, and why you should visit their page and help them win:

Nick is one of my friends from Law School, and aside from being Canadian, he’s a really great guy.  Easy going, always nice, not like the usual douche bags you come across in law school…Sincerely a great guy.

Last February, he proposed to his girlfriend of almost 2 years.  The way they met and their relationship developed is a great story.  Back in the ’70s, both Nick and Jessica’s parents — no, not the same “Nick and Jessica” from TV — worked at Xerox.  Their families became great friends, and kept in close contact throughout the ’80s and early ’90s.  In 1996, however, Nick’s family moved to California (if you ask me, it was a good move, but you know, put a small bump in the development of a great relationship).  Although, their dad’s remained in contact, 1996 was the last time either family had seen each other.  Nearly 10 years later, Nick was working full time in southern California, and Jessica was finishing up her last year of University in Hawaii.  While on her last Christmas break of undergrad, Jessica and her parents decided to take a two-week vacation in California (maybe we should call this “when the stars aligned”).  Jessica’s dad called up a long lost friend — Nick’s dad — and arranged for the two families to meet up for dinner.  Neither Jessica nor Nick knew that the other was going to be there, and both had only vague memories of each other. However, when Nick walked into the room to greet “the St. James family,” he saw Jess, and it was love at first sight.  They chatted all night long and arranged to meet up the next day, which was Jess’s last day in California.  The next night they had an amazing date but a very tearful goodbye when the night ended — Jess was going back to Hawaii … for good.  However, Nick and Jess remained in contact throughout the following months, and later that Summer, Jessica decided to attended Pepperdine University to get her Masters in Education (which happens to be where Nick and I go to law school, I know, you’re shocked).  Now, Nick is finishing up Law School and Jessica is starting her 2nd year of teaching High School Biology.  They are, of course, still madly in love, and still in shock that they managed to find each other after all those years.  I should probably add that they are absolutely adorable together…  Really.

Anyway, after Nick proposed, Jess accepted, and they started planning their wedding, they heard about the KIIS FM wedding contest.  They have an amazing back story and really deserve to have a beautiful wedding that they wouldn’t be able to give themselves on the budget of a law student and high school teacher.  The way it works is each couple creates a “couple’s page” and detail why THEY are the “perfect couple.”  Nick and Jess have made their page and would really appreciate your support.  They have until the 29th to get as much page activity as possible to wow the judges. So GO TO their couple’s page:  If you want to go the extra mile… LEAVE COMMENTS!!

After the 29th, the judges will announce between 10 and 20 finalists.  Then the voting period begins.  Lets hope they make it so I can let you guys know to vote daily!!

Thanks a lot everybody.  Your support is much appreciate by both myself and Nick and Jess.

Here are the instructions on becoming a KIIS VIP member:

You can try on your own by just signing up and playing around with it.  However, a lot of people have been having problems with that route.  So, this is the easiest way to do it: 1) visit their page  ( and click the “Sign-up”  link on the top-right, 2) after signing  up, you’ll receive an e-mail  confirmation, 3) go back to their page  ( and click the “Login” link on the top-right, 4) you’ll be redirected to a “Profile Wizard” page,  5) all you have to do is click “Launch” next to “Upload Photo” — you can select a default cartoon avatar if you don’t want to upload an actual photo — and also click “Launch” next to “Create a Profile” — on this next page, all you do is click “Save Changes.”  At that point, your account is all set up.  When you go back to their page, you can now rate their blogs and pictures (by clicking the stars beneath), and you can leave comments on their blogs, photos, and general page.  As a side note, some people have still experienced problems leaving comments, etc. after signing up, but this issue is usually resolved by just waiting and logging in after a few hours of creating the profile.  One last thing I strongly suggest is adding them as a friend and joining their group.  To do that, find the user “jessandnick” by searching under the “People” link to the right of the “VIP Network” logo on any page.  When you find “jessandnick” click “Add Friend” and then send them a message.

Thanks again.


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