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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…


In light of the recent earthquakes I have been thinking of the safety of the areas I am in on a daily basis.  You know, school, work, home, friends homes… These days I feel as though people are more prepared for earthquakes and such.  Post Northridge earthquake it seems as though organizations have done more to be prepared for emergencies.  Adding supports to buildings, being more aware of the types of damage which may be caused, and some places are creating emergency plans, like a school safety plan.

I’m not certain how these can be adapted for the home, but it is likely best to read up on earthquake tips and follow them.  These tips include adding special valves (which shut off gas during an earthquake), using earthquake straps to secure your water heater, bolting all large furniture and book cases to walls, and familiarizing yourself with good earthquake practices (don’t try running around, you’ll fall and hurt yourself).

Hopefully the big one won’t be soon so we won’t have to test these out.

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