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Archive for July, 2008 Coupon!

A few updates:

I’ve continued to add to the “Where I get deals” section in my sidebar. That area will continue to grow over the coming days with companies, coupons, and other deals. This time I added a few more companies that I enjoy shopping at, and a coupon ($5 of $75 purchase of music/movies/games), for those of you who are new customers, here is a link to $5 off $100+ on any purchase at


I have a few other promotional coupons for as well, so if you would like anything else, leave a comment and I can see what I can do for you.

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Check if your wordpress has been hacked

I am not the quickest on updating my wordpress usually.  It takes me a week or two, between law school and work its a little hard to dedicate the time to upgrading when I am terrified I am break something.  In the meantime, while I am lagging behind updates, its important to make sure that hackers have not been exploiting security holes patched by the next upgrade.  The best way I’ve found to monitor this is by using a great simple plugin called “wordpress exploit scanner.”  You can get it here, just put it into your plugins folder, go to plugins off your dashboard, and run it.  Just a quick note, it will pick up the names of exploits in the plugin file when you run it, so don’t get scared when things come up, just follow the file path and see if its from the plugin, or your blog.

Good luck, hope your blog is safe.

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A bit of housecleaning… or website homepage cleaning…

Made a few changes to the homepage of the website.  Changed the archive list in my sidebar to be by year rather than by month, to shorten the laundry list of items on the side.  If you would like to make yours by year as well, change the code in your sidebar to read:

<?php wp_get_archives(‘type=yearly’); ?>

I also added a new page – Monthly Archives.  Used the manage feature to make a new page and then used the phpexec plugin to copy this code onto the page to list the archives monthly:

<?php wp_get_archives(‘type=monthly’); ?>

Next I copied the link to my Monthly Archives page and added it under my yearly archive list, in case someone looking in the sidebar under Archives would like to see the monthly list instead of yearly.

Next, I got rid of my ShoppingAds ad box in my sidebar.  It was making money but just a little too bulky for my current theme/layout.  If you are looking to make a little extra money you should check it out, sadly its just not for me right now.  I may add it back when I redo the look of the site.

Last but not least I added a new section in the sidebar –  Where I get great deals!  There are three links there now, go check them out.  This area will grow over time!

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