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I thought I understood SEO, Mofomon’s Blog suffers from my lack of understanding

Up until about 3 weeks ago if you used the search phrase “mofomon’s blog” on Google, Mofomon’s Blog would come up as the number one result.  You know, since you searched for it and that is the title of this website.  Everything was running smoothly, wonderfully, accurately.

Now, well go try it, Mofomon’s Blog – this blog – does not come up until the second page!!!  What went wrong?

Honestly, I don’t know.  If someone can lend an SEO hand and let me know I would really appreciate it.

Wouldn’t you think this blog would end up as the #1 result when you search for Mofomon’s Blog?

It turns out that at the time my blog had been attacked by spammers who exploited a security hole in wordpress. They had filled my headers and pages with spam text which dropped me down in rankings. As soon as I updated wordpress and cleaned out the damage they had done, everything returned back to normal. My SEO understanding was sound… I just hadn’t considered a security exploitation as the cause of the drop.

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