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Yoga easier to learn on Wii Balance Board for Beginners

About two years ago I started attending Yoga classes.  It was a very small class so I got a lot of personal attention from the instructor but I just could not get the hang of it.  The positions didn’t feel right even though it looked like I had proper form, I couldn’t hold the positions, it was pretty much a twice-a-week disaster.

Recently, I bought the Wii Fit.  I was messing around on it and thought I’d give this yoga thing a try.  Wow! What a difference.   Basically the way it works is you mimic the “trainer”and follow his/her moves, but what makes it different from in person lessons is the center of balance guidance.  When you use the wii balance board in conjunction with the wii fit to practice yoga positions, not only do you have an example of how to stand and hold positions, but you can also see where your center of balance should be.  The balance information totally changed the yoga experience for me.  Now I totally understand how I should be holding myself when I am in the positions!!

Anyone who is a beginner having trouble with yoga should take a shot at it using the Wii Fit.  Its amazing.

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