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My little robotic cleaning slave

I finally purchased my own roomba!   I bought the Roomba 550, pretty good deal.  It comes with 3 extra filters, brush cleaner, 2 virtual walls/lighthouses (it has a switch, can work as either one), self charging docking station, and the roomba (with scheduling built in).

I set up the dock last night, charged it up, set the schedule (for thursdays), and hit clean to watch it on its first exploration.  It did a pretty good job!  Picked up a lot of dust off the floor and carpets.  Better yet, I didn’t see it leave anything behind.  I have a medium carpet, tile floors, and some small rugs (bathroom/kitchen).  It did not have issues with any of those.  I also used one of my virtual walls to keep it away from my rotuer/modem and some wires, and that worked out great as well.

I will try to get some video of it later to show you how it explored and cleaned.  So far, its pretty amazing!  Everyone should get one so your place can stay clean while you do other things!

If you are a costco member, should probably get it there, they have a pretty good deal on them.

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Alert! Woot-Off today!

For those of you looking for good deals, has a woot-off running today.  Keep checking it for great prices on different products.

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New Blog Money Making Opportunity – BlogRolled

A new program just launched for blog advertising called BlogRolled.  I signed up and got my blog accepted this morning, we’ll see what kind of income flow it ends up having.

One catch, no affiliate program… Yet.

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Upgrade your firefox. Yes, right now.

Firefox 3.0 was officially released today.  I’ve been using the beta for a while now, and I’m impressed.  Go, download it.  It will do good things for you.

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Best Tivo Trick / Easter Egg

My tivo does a lot of wonderful things but the best thing it does is hidden until you unlock it!  Your tivo can display the clock and time passed in a video you are watching in the bottom right corner of your screen.  At first I thought this was useless, but after I turned it on I got addicted.

Here is how you do it, to turn on the clock, press the following buttons:

  • Select
  • Play
  • Select
  • 9
  • Select

Tada!  Enjoy your new and improved tivo.

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