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Two of my favorite free utilities

I usually take my breaks from work and school as a good time to run maintenance on my PC’s.  I don’t have time during the year to get to it, so I try to get everything done at once when I do have time.

My favorite utilities are CCleaner and Defraggler.  Both are freeware, clean – no viruses, spam, nothing.  They are both made by the same company and both provide the same excellent results.

CCleaner cleans out all the “junk” files on your PC – this would include temp files, and things of that nature.  I modify the settings not to dump my Firefox cache or history since I like having everything filled in for me.  It is really easy to use and great to clean up a few hundred MB’s.  You can also use it to turn off things that run and startup, uninstall programs, and clean up your registry – all of which will optimize your machine.

Defraggler is a fast efficient Defragmenting program.  It basically reorganizes your harddrive so that the files are not stored in a fragmented way.  This makes your machine run smoother and faster since programs can access files without jumping around on your drive.  I generally run this after I run CCleaner.

Let me know if you know of any other good optimization utilities!  I used to use TuneUp Utilities, but I just don’t have the budget to pay for optimization software anymore… especially when there is great free software out there.

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I Beat Mario Galaxy!

This was a total team effort between my sister and I.  I played mario, she collected the star bits, made me jump higher, and froe the bad guys…  We beat a few stars per sitting and without even realizing it was over.  The game was AMAZING, and if you can’t beat one level (I couldn’t beat one honeycomb level) don’t worry, you don’t need ot beat each an every one.  Consider Mario Galaxy this months timewaster.  🙂

Get a Wii, play Mario Galaxy.  It really is amazing.

…and if you get stuck, follow a walkthrough guide.

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Solving those Club Live puzzles

Finals are OVER!  Sure I don’t really have a summer break, but at least finals are over. 

Now I’m back to playing videogames, watching tv, sleeping, and blogging.

Speaking of games, for those of you who play word games, you should check out this site.  The guy who runs the site is a talented programmer who just put up a script that solves word scramble puzzles.

Check it out…. great for cheating in scrabble too :-p

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