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Making Money With Your Website

This is the beginning of a multi-part post about making money with your website or blog.

First off, you should probably have a website or blog to monetize (check out some of my earlier posts that can help you get started:  Create an Icon / Favicon for your websiteDiscount on Hosting; Simple Guide to Website Promotion; Optimizing For Search Engines; 5 Ways to increase Blog Traffic; Blogging Guide Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

In addition to the tips and instructions regarding SEO and Promotion above I’m going to each day outline 1 income source of mine.

Today:  ShoppingAds 

How does it work?  You display a small ad (you have choices as to the size and display style).  This ad will show ebay ads (pick keywords and it shows ads tailored to those words).

How do you make money?  As users click on the ebay item ads, and purchase them, you get paid a % of the purchase price.

Does it actually make money?  Yes.  There have been days where I have made $13 just on one click/purchase.

Try it out!

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