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Being in LA I am pretty close to Las Vegas.  Unfortunately it is still a drive away and flights haven’t been too cheap lately.  I found this service online called Casino R Us which offers gambling tours of Las Vegas!  Unfortunately, they only leave from Pittsburgh & Erie, PA and Myrtle Beach, SC.  Why don’t we have gambling tours leaving from Los Angeles?  To be honest, I don’t really like gambling, but I do like going to Las Vegas, seeing the hotels and the casinos, and I will spend a small amount of time in a casino watching others gamble and maybe spending a little bit of money here and there on myself.  Personally, I have a strong preference for the hotels on the strip, like MGM, Venetian, Paris, Mirage, etc.

It would be great though if I could take a big group on a “Las Vegas Tour” leaving from LA taking us to a few of the different hotels.  Big group trips have been a challenge to organize since its hard to get everyone to Las Vegas at the same time, but I feel like a set tour would conquer that issue.  If you are from PA or SC you should check out Casino R Us and their Las Vegas guide and tours.

Happy Traveling.

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