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 No posts for the next week and a half.  Sorry.

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Tivo Update

For those of you who read my post about how my tivo hates me, because it decides to update WHILE I’m watching and then takes “one hour, possibly longer” to install the updates…. I just wanted to let you know that it did not erase my settings or shows!  Small Victories.

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Making Money With Your Website

This is the beginning of a multi-part post about making money with your website or blog.

First off, you should probably have a website or blog to monetize (check out some of my earlier posts that can help you get started:  Create an Icon / Favicon for your websiteDiscount on Hosting; Simple Guide to Website Promotion; Optimizing For Search Engines; 5 Ways to increase Blog Traffic; Blogging Guide Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

In addition to the tips and instructions regarding SEO and Promotion above I’m going to each day outline 1 income source of mine.

Today:  ShoppingAds 

How does it work?  You display a small ad (you have choices as to the size and display style).  This ad will show ebay ads (pick keywords and it shows ads tailored to those words).

How do you make money?  As users click on the ebay item ads, and purchase them, you get paid a % of the purchase price.

Does it actually make money?  Yes.  There have been days where I have made $13 just on one click/purchase.

Try it out!

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Tivo, why do you suck at life?

So, I’m happily outlining for finals…ok, maybe not happily, but I’m doing it, and I have my TV on. Watching things on my tivo… Next thing I know it goes silent. What? Why? I look up and the screen says “Welcome! Powering up…”

I think to myself “well thats strange, its never powered up by itself BEFORE”

A few minutes later the next screen says something to the effect of “Just a few more minutes…”

Ok, you’ve totally interrupted my viewing experience, thanks Tivo.

I look up 5 minutes later and it says “Installing an important sevice update”

Ok, fine, this sounds legitimate…

A few minutes later, I get this AWESOME message “Preparing the service update. This may take up to an hour, possibly longer”


WHAT?!?!?!?! Wait a second, I never asked to install anything, why are you ruining the rest of my night? Couldn’t you prompt me for this?

Next thing you’re going to tell me you had to reformat and you’ve lost all my season pass info and my recorded programs…. I guess in an hour or “possibly longer” we’ll find out.

:shakes fist at tivo:

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Finally know what that reflection is in Chenney’s Glasses

This article shows us exactly what is in Chenney’s glasses.  It is not a naked woman, just Chenney gripping is golf club!  Check out the picture and click zoom to go in closer and see clearly what the image is really of.


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4969 – not a great score, but I FINALLY BEAT IT.  I have been playing this game since I wrote about it over a month ago in a time waster tuesday post… and finally a win.

 Check out the scoreboard

Feel free to add your scores to MofomonGroup as well!

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Writing, Reading, Amusing Ourselves

I spend a great deal of time reading blogs, forums, and news articles.  Sure, I only read the “offbeat” news and the tech news, but thats not the point.  The point is, I like to read things on the internet.  A little postsecret on mondays; gizmodo, lifehacker, and Yahoo News on and off all week; and now I’m taking a look at forums.  I admit, I used to read and troll the World of Warcraft Forums, but since I stopped playing over a year ago I haven’t really found a replacement.  Today I came across the Forums.

I can’t say if this will fill the void that losing the World of Warcraft forums has created, but I have to say, pretty good.  Tons of threads to read, pretty active.  All types of topics from TV shows to Religion to Humor.  Gives me plenty to browse and comment on while I’m waiting for a classmate to finish talking about their attenuated “what if” scenario.   Check it out, start contributing so I have more to read ;-).  Like I said earlier, there is a large variety of topics so it keeps all of us busy.  Not to mention you can flame all the posts you don’t like… Happy Trolling!
Oh, if you like postsecret, you should also take a look at The Experience Project (take a look at their confessions section).

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Viva Lost Wages

Being in LA I am pretty close to Las Vegas.  Unfortunately it is still a drive away and flights haven’t been too cheap lately.  I found this service online called Casino R Us which offers gambling tours of Las Vegas!  Unfortunately, they only leave from Pittsburgh & Erie, PA and Myrtle Beach, SC.  Why don’t we have gambling tours leaving from Los Angeles?  To be honest, I don’t really like gambling, but I do like going to Las Vegas, seeing the hotels and the casinos, and I will spend a small amount of time in a casino watching others gamble and maybe spending a little bit of money here and there on myself.  Personally, I have a strong preference for the hotels on the strip, like MGM, Venetian, Paris, Mirage, etc.

It would be great though if I could take a big group on a “Las Vegas Tour” leaving from LA taking us to a few of the different hotels.  Big group trips have been a challenge to organize since its hard to get everyone to Las Vegas at the same time, but I feel like a set tour would conquer that issue.  If you are from PA or SC you should check out Casino R Us and their Las Vegas guide and tours.

Happy Traveling.

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Time Waster Tuesday – Use your common knowledge to make some money and challenge your friends.

A few months ago I came across a service called Predictify. In my quest to spend all day wasting my time in some sort of “productive” manner I have found yet another venue… The way the service works they have hundreds of questions or polls in a few categories (politics, sports, pop culture, etc) which you can answer. Once the correct answer or outcome is determined you receive your payout (depending on if you were correct and how early you made your prediction). Your answers also give you a ranking (apprentince, scholar, etc.) which determine your payout bonus levels. Not all the questions have payouts, but its fun to test how accurate you are regardless, and you can use free ones to bring up your ranking and payout bonus levels! In addition to these features you can post your own polls/questions for everyone else to answer (you can answer too).

Best part is, it is all free. Registration is free, predicting is free, posting questions is free. The only time you would need to pay is if you posted a question that had a payout.

When you start accumulating a payout, the minimum to pay your account is $20.

Good Luck! Get Predictifying!

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Spotted – Tony Danza

Sat next to Tony Danza at dinner friday night (4/11/08) at Marmalade Cafe in Malibu, CA.

Ok, but seriously, Who’s the boss?

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