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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

It’s all starting to wear on me

As my journal article deadline gets close, and midterms are even closer, I feel like I’m losing my mind just a little (a friend of mine would claim Dementia, but after reading some dementia information i don’t think dementia is the case here).  Though i enjoy multitasking, it is always a challenge balancing, work, school work, friends, family, and other extra curricular activities (volunteer and what not).  I love it all, but it’s starting to wear on me.  A vacation from it all would be welcome.

To manage all the different responsibilities I have I am thinking of using a personal task manager or maybe something more like LiquidPlanner.  At times I get overwhelmed with all the different tasks I need to complete, so it has become important to me to split everything up into small goals to prevent myself from being overwhelmed and shutting down.  I’ve found it be very effective and hopefully one of these tools will allow me to automate that system.

Time to get productive!

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