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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Time Waster Tuesday! – can you spot the fake smile.

Even though I have no time to waste these days, I realized that the rest of you might…

Was surfing the net the other night, while I should have been writing or reading (you know something productive), and a friend of mine linked me to this test, “Can you spot the fake smile.”  It was interesting, I took it.  I failed miserably.  13/20 correct.

It gets better!  There are other tests!  Here is the link to the main page with all the test.   Go learn about your personality, how you sense things, test your memory training, and figure out what style of work suits your personality.  Hours of fun I tell you.  This is almost as good as the time I discovered EMode, in like 1999.

Let me know how you guys do, especially on the how to spot a fake smile test.

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