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Pure Awesomeness… Sort Of…

Time for a new look?

Though i don’t have the time now, at all, to do this… I think it would be fun to give the blog a new look.  Clean it up a bit.  Add a section on the side for most popular posts, things like that.  I use WordPress  and that would not be changing.  I am very happy with wordpress.  I should, however, upgrade the version of wordpress I am running and take advantage of the new features available on the new versions.

As for the new look, the dilemma is do i create my own new look? Do I get a blog designer?  Do i just use a preset template?

The best would likely be to edit a preset template to my liking.  Man I’m tired.  Time to go veg out and watch some tv.  I’m still shocked that Heath Ledger passed away today.

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