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Christmas time means I need to figure out what gifts I want

December is finally here, meaning winter break and Christmas are near!  Didn’t mean to rhyme… When the holiday season rolls around (just after my birthday “season”) I start getting into my tech shopping mode.  Always looking to see if there are any new gadgets out that I want.  As usual I’m keeping my eye on Gizmodo to see if they post about anything that seems fun or interesting.  I do have my eye on some video games, but that’s not very exciting (wii-play, and a couple others).

I don’t need a new phone, don’t really want any other consoles (already have wii and Xbox360 [which is getting a new update]), and I love my laptop, so those are out of the picture.  Maybe a new Desktop PC or TV would be awesome.  I keep browsing those on and and I always get excited, but they are expensive.  For a few minutes I considered getting a new camera, but when i looked what is available in digital cameras, I really realized that nothing particularly looked very exciting (I admit this Canon eos 40d caught my eye, but my camera is great, no need for a new one yet).

I’m going to keep looking, but if you have any ideas of what you think I should be looking to get this Christmas, comment and let me know!

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