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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!  Hope Santa treated you well.

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Does my blood type determine my personality traits?

About a year ago I found out my blood type for the first time.  I know, you’re thinking “yeah, thats not exciting.”  I was telling some friends about finally finding out and they let me know about a few fun things I could do with my new information.

First, they told me to look into diets based on blood types.  Apparently, since blood types development involved the different areas people inhabited, there is evidence that blood types are associated with the diets of those people.  Some blood types are more suited to eat meats, while others are more suited to eat grains.  Check it out.

Second, there are theories that your blood type can determine characteristics of your personality.  Been looking for a scapegoat for your anger problem? Blame your blood type!  Here is a link that gives you a background on it.

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Best of Mofomon – So far…

The year is winding down… Just feels like a good time to recap the most popular Mofomon posts.

Here are the top 5 wildly popular posts (not including the blog homepage):

  1. Funny Things Said In Court
  2. Corporate Lessons
  3. Preschool Test That You Won’t Pass – Which way is the bus traveling?
  4. How Smart is Your Right Foot
  5. Tricks For Your Body

If you haven’t visited them all yet you should do it, everyone else did! Oh, and they enjoyed it too.

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Time Waster Tuesday – Playing games and getting free stuff

Now that I’m on break, figured I’d bring back at least a couple weeks of time waster tuesday (click the tag below if you want to see more).

Today’s time waster is more than awesome.  You get to play games to pass the time (like say in class, or waiting for a call to start at work..) and you win points for the games that you can redeem for awesome prizes like an xbox 360, zune, headphones, 360 games, or a roomba.  You can also donate to charities or schools using your points.

Where does this awesomeness happen? Live Search Club (by Microsoft).  I’m usually reluctant to try to get points to win something, but since this is run by Microsoft I know its legit, and I’m racing towards a roomba to clean up after me.

Here are a few sites about getting tickets/points:

Comment what prize you’re holding out for, you’re tips and tricks, and whether you’ve received anything yet!


Having Fun in Los Angeles

Like I said the other night, now that I have some freedom from law school I have a little time to have fun in LA.  Last weekend got a little busy, right after our last finals a few of us went out and saw The Strike Show, which was absolutely hilarious.  Lots of familiar faces like Brad Garrett, Emily Deschanel, Kat Foster, Nick Kroll, and Michael Urie.  It was a great show and we were lucky to be able to go see it since there were only two showings  (I don’t know what made me laugh harder, the saved by the bell scene, or ronna and beverly).  After that was over headed out for the usual drinks on the town.

Saturday night was pretty awesome too.  Headed out to Ketchup, on Sunset, with some friends.  Was my first time there though a few in the group were repeat offenders.  It was an interesting crowd, but the food was great.  Their tomato soup (called American Comfort on the menu) was really good.  As for the ketchups, personally I hate ketchup, but the ranch-ketchup and maple syrup-ketchup were both pretty amazing.  Then of course we rounded the night out with the usual…. drink on the town.

Now?  Oh now I recover from finals and try to become a normal human being again.  I wish my TV shows would come back on…



Finals just wrapped up for those of us in Law School.  It is an amazing feeling being able to come home and NOT having to study for my next final.  Yes, I know, I should get started on my Journal article, but that can wait until Monday… I need a quick breather first to gather myself.  Went out to a lot of great places in LA this weekend, I’ll blog about that after I get a little sleep!

It is just so freeing to be able to sit down at my computer and browse gadget blogs, read the news, google my own name, even look up the Shanghai weather (though I’m not going there), without feeling guilty that I should be preparing for my next exam.  I’m going to go enjoy my freedom now and go get some sleep before I get some wii playing in.  mmm, I love the freedom.


DivX Pro FREE (for a limited time, of course)

In case you want to make your own DivX content, they are offering DivX Pro for free as a “Holiday Gift”

Go.  Download.  Be Merry.

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Christmas time means I need to figure out what gifts I want

December is finally here, meaning winter break and Christmas are near!  Didn’t mean to rhyme… When the holiday season rolls around (just after my birthday “season”) I start getting into my tech shopping mode.  Always looking to see if there are any new gadgets out that I want.  As usual I’m keeping my eye on Gizmodo to see if they post about anything that seems fun or interesting.  I do have my eye on some video games, but that’s not very exciting (wii-play, and a couple others).

I don’t need a new phone, don’t really want any other consoles (already have wii and Xbox360 [which is getting a new update]), and I love my laptop, so those are out of the picture.  Maybe a new Desktop PC or TV would be awesome.  I keep browsing those on and and I always get excited, but they are expensive.  For a few minutes I considered getting a new camera, but when i looked what is available in digital cameras, I really realized that nothing particularly looked very exciting (I admit this Canon eos 40d caught my eye, but my camera is great, no need for a new one yet).

I’m going to keep looking, but if you have any ideas of what you think I should be looking to get this Christmas, comment and let me know!

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I passed the MPRE!

Heard back yesterday that I passed the MPRE!  Nice of them to email me in the middle of finals to let me know, imagine if I had not passed.  It would have totally impacted my scores.  Speaking of finals, those of you who are familiar with law school finals know that it means that you are stuck in your room studying and memorizing until the finals period is entirely over.

Not very fun, also since you don’t have the time to travel to see anyone, you start missing them.  I only get to see the other students during this time, its LAME.  I realized though, if I could video conference (like if I used this TANDBERG Video Conferencing System) then I could see my family and friends at least virtually during finals.  That WOULD be nice… I can dream.  I heard some student did their interviews using a video conferencing system this year.  I wonder how that worked out, interviews are tough situations to being with and if you throw in a virtual barrier that could make them tougher since it would be harder to relate to your interviewer.

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USC gets to go to the Rose Bowl

We (USC) defeated UCLA today, as we should have last year, and now we get to go to the Rose Bowl!!

Super Excited, I love it when my team does well.

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