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While we wait for WM6 for the Blackjack … The Blackjack gets Recalled

That’s right.  While I was researching when I would actually perhaps maybe ever get WM6 I found a notice on the AT&T forums about our beloved Samsung Blackjack being recalled.  I called in and got them to send me my new phone (already sent my old one back), but I had to specifically mention the recall.

Here is what the post said:

“Customers who purchased the Samsung BlackJack i607 which was manufactured during the
months of November 2006 – February 2007 may find they are experiencing dropped calls
or poor signal reception. After extensive testing by Samsung and AT&T they have
found some internal components are wearing over time and causing the antennae
connection to loosen causing poor signal and dropped calls.

Samsung has implemented some design changes to fix these issues: they changed a
coating within the device back in February which improved RF and have made several
hardware changes recently to improve the reception even more. There have been no
issues with call performance with all new hardware manufactured from March 2007

Customers who have purchased the Samsung BlackJack i607 and are affected by the
“dropped call” scenario are advised to call the Exchange  By Mail”

Enjoy your newer Blackjack!

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